Stuv investigates air vents

Date: 14 August 2012

Here’s an interesting article from Stuv about the requirements for air vents.

Of course the rules don’t change just because one manufacturer explains how they see things (no matter how sensible it may seem). In the UK older homes still require an external air supply if a stove has a nominal output above 5kW.

In reality almost every day we remove open fires that had no air vent fitted and worked perfectly safely, only to replace with a highly efficient stove with far less air requirement, but we still have to install air vents. Those are simply the rules we have to play by.

There is some good sense in the rules. It is quite possible that after any installation the householder could improve the insulation of the home, install double glazing, better doors, fitted carpets and so on, thus the air vent means at least this one source of ventillation (draft) remains (unless they block that up too, of course!).

The reality is of course that air vents don’t produce much draft when a stove is fitted becasue not much air is able to enter the home – but it is a leap of faith for some customers to accept this.

To discuss the exact ventillation requirement for your proposed stove please contact the showrooms  in Dorking and Guildford.