Electric Fireplaces & Stoves

Over the last few years, we have seen a massive increase in the demand for electric fires and stoves. Alongside this increase in demand has been an increase in the variety and quality of models available. The effects are better than ever, the fires are quieter, more realistic and more reliable. The number of options and sizes has increased.

One advantage that an electric fire has over gas or wood is the fact that the display can be switched on without producing heat. This is becoming more of a factor as rooms and homes, in general, are becoming better insulated. Electric fires and stoves require very little installation – no flues and chimneys, and because they don’t operate at extreme temperatures the requirements for hearths and fireproof materials is much less. This means that installation costs can be very much less than their gas and real fire counterparts.

Our Cranleigh showroom has a wide selection of electric models – and whilst we still sell more wood and gas fires than electric, our growing selection of Electric fires and Stoves is one of the best in the South.

We offer electric fires from the premier Electric fire brands such as Evonic Fires, Gazco, Dimplex and Dru.