Flues & Chimneys

At Ignition, we know a thing or two about flues and chimneys! Whether it is a simple piece of connecting pipe to connect a stove to a new chimney. Or perhaps a complete twin wall flue system, colour matched to your new windows and joinery, or a basic flexible liner kit to refurbish and protect an old brick chimney. We can supply all the options

We are happy to discuss and give advice on chimney requirements so your builder or architect can design and build a complete chimney that is perfect to connect up. We encourage you to get in touch as early as possible in the project.

Most of the flues we supply are ordered in to your specification and received in stock within a day r two, but over the years we have also built up a good stock of flues and chimney accessories so if you are in need of a part, get in contact and we can check stock in our Cranleigh warehouse.