Gas Appliances

We supply many types of gas fires and gas stoves. We have a large selection of gas fires and stoves on working display at the Cranleigh showroom and smaller selection at Holmwood.

The main brands for gas fires and stoves are: Gazco and Dru. These have the widest range of contemporary and traditional designs and include models that connect to existing chimneys. There are also a wide range of balanced flue and powerflue models. There are very few places we can’t get something to work!

Budget can range from under a thousand for a simple open-fronted convector fire to £15k+ for some of the most stunning contemporary fires.

Some contemporary models have two or three sides of glass – including “tunnel” and room divider settings.

As well as Gazco and Dru there are also some limited selection from Jotul, Chesneys, Dovre, Yeoman – plus a few other brands that we can source to order.