Stûv 6-H

Affordable, easy to install, with new options, the Stûv 6-H wood-burning stove gives as many people as possible access to a fireplace designed for small spaces and energy-efficient homes. Small in size, heating power and price, this stove proves to be great for its comfort and performance that respects the environment.

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Product Finishes
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Last updated 23 November 2023

3 Sizes

The Stûv 6-H is available in three sizes:

  • Wide model: Stûv 6-H 80x80. Output between 5 and 13 kW

  • Intermediate model: Stûv 6-H 70x73. Output between 4,5 and 11 kW

  • Narrow model: Stûv 6-H 60x65. Output between 4 and 9 kW

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