4 Bedroom Fireplace Ideas You Should Consider

Date: 1 August 2023

A bedroom fireplace adds a cosy and snug feel to any bedroom, and come the colder and darker nights, retreating to the bedroom, lighting the fire and getting under the thick covers adds a certain romanticism to the use of a fireplace.

The flickering flame, the crackle of woodburning fireplaces, or perhaps the glow from an electric wall fireplace can make such a stunning impact in your bedroom. At Ignition Fires, we encounter many bedroom fireplaces, and as a result, have seen many unique as well as common interpretations of how to enjoy this design feature of your room.

We have picked a selection of the best ideas for your bedroom fireplace!

Restore your fireplace

If your bedroom has an antique fireplace that oozes style and class through its cast iron décor, you would do well to give it a clean and make it a focal point of your room. Whether the fireplace is still operational or not, a Victorian or Edwardian fireplace looks stunning in a bedroom once it has been restored to its original appearance. The good thing with this type of fireplace is that they stand out even if the rest of the room has a more modern aesthetic.

If there is a lot of paint, evidence of stains or superficial damage, look to sandblast it or source a heavy-duty stripper. Once done, you can use metal polish and wire wool to bring the fireplace back to life and make it the talking point of the room! If the fire is not being used but is still functional, speak to our experts at Ignition, we can guide you through what you need to do to have it running again and organise a fireplace servicing to have it safe and ready to go!

Consider a log burner

If your fireplace currently resembles a hole in the wall with no real use, look at the options a log burner can give you. Many people opt to have these in the living room but there is absolutely no reason why they cannot be factored into a bedroom. Installing a wood burning stove into an existing fireplace can be simple and if you find it hard, we can help!

A log burner has certain requirements to make sure it can be installed in your bedroom but if you have a chimney, you’ll be able to find one that suits the dimensions of your redundant space and transform it into something that adds not only character but warmth and beauty to a part of your bedroom that was previously lacking character. It also means you can hold off putting the heating on and save a bit of cash on those costly energy bills!

Create your own!

Some fireplaces may just not match your style. That’s fine, all of us are different! If you still want a fireplace in your room but the current offering just doesn’t sit right, look at the potential for a new fireplace surround that is more to your taste. You could find it to match your current décor or stand out and be a unique part of the room. Removing a fireplace mantel so that you can add your own new style is simple but should you like the one you have and decide to paint an existing fireplace instead, you could be reinvigorating something that looked a little worn down into something that looks brand new.

Go modern

Whilst some fireplaces exhibit a touch of class through their history, others shout about it through how modern they are. So should there not be a fireplace in your room, and you want one, make it happen!

Many modern electric fires can simply be slotted into a narrow hole in the wall. Whilst making a hole in the wall may sound like a drastic development to your home, the appearance an inset fire makes is truly incredible. Our Gazco eRelfex 195R inset, for example, is the type of fireplace that once in any bedroom upgrades it to a new level of sophistication.

At Ignition Fires, we have over 30 years of fireplace experience. Whether you are on the lookout for a brand-new fire or are seeking advice on an existing fireplace, our team are on hand to help. Located in Surrey, we have provided a wide range of services to homeowners as well as businesses across the South East of England however, our Cranleigh fireplace showroom has impressed people so much, that we receive visits and orders from all across the country. Pay us a visit or browse online, and should you have any questions, just get in contact!