Horsham Fireplaces And Stoves

If you live in Horsham or are contemplating a move there, there is every chance a home improvement plan may be in the pipeline. Why not start with a fireplace from Ignition fires? Ignition fires are the Horsham fireplaces experts. With experience spanning more than 40 years, our dedicated team can supply, deliver, install, and service any kind of fireplace for your Horsham home.

With a local showroom exhibiting over 100 models, open six days a week, you can visit and see the stock up close, and with our experts on hand, discover what fireplace will work for your home. Whether it be gas or electric, wood burning or multi-fuel, Ignition Fires has the solution to your fireplace needs for Horsham.

Electric Stoves Horsham

Stoves are really on trend right now and if you can’t get the benefit of a wood or gas version, why not go electric? At Ignition, we have the perfect solution. Our electric stoves collection is one we are extremely proud of. With a fantastic variety of classic and contemporary designs, there is an electric stove to sort any type of home in Horsham.

From the compact units that pack a powerful punch of heat for a cosy, smaller room, to the larger, tall stoves that harness the latest LED flame technology, your options are wide-ranging and full of features that suit a host of room types and sizes.

Electric stoves are among the simplest to install, you just plug it in, but should you have any concerns about the installation, let us know. Our team can deliver and install your electric stove in Horsham, giving you plenty of time to continue your room refurb plans!

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Gas Stoves Horsham

The collection of gas stoves we stock at Ignition Fires is constantly evolving to ensure that you have the best available products at the best possible prices.

At Ignition Fires, we give those looking for gas stoves in Horsham the perfect opportunity to discover something new for their home that will completely transform a room. From the traditional plinth or bench-mounted gas stoves to the modern versions that deliver stunning 180-degree views of the flickering flames, we have all bases covered.

As with any gas appliance, safety is always paramount and at Ignition Fires, we take the safety of our customers and team very seriously. As a result, all our gas stoves meet very specific regulations and will only be installed by our team of certified Gas Safe engineers. We are registered with Gas Safe for gas works including LPG in houses, meaning you can have full peace of mind that the product you purchase is both safe to operate and safely installed.

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Multifuel Stoves Horsham

Multifuel stoves give Horsham homeowners the perfect opportunity to embrace one of the most popular ways to heat a room. Multifuel stoves provide users with a chance to heat their room with an assortment of fuel types including wood, coal, smokeless, and more. This method of heating can be cost-saving for some, especially if the fuel source normally used is in short supply or facing a price rise. At Ignition Fires, we have carefully selected the best multifuel stoves for Horsham by finding a varied mix of classic and contemporary designs that suit any property type and room size.

In selecting the stock, we have been careful to ensure that any multifuel stove supplied by us that was manufactured after January 2022 is fully compliant with EcoDesign regulations. This means that not only are you benefitting from a multifuel stove that has used the minimum number of resources possible to build it, but also has the lowest possible impact on both the environment and society as a whole.

Furthermore, our Horsham multifuel stoves, for the most part, now also meet Clearskies certification, meaning that they meet or exceed EcoDesign legislation and guarantee a low-emission, low-carbon stove.  Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the environmental impact of your chosen multifuel stove and can advise on alternatives should it be necessary. Once chosen, we can deliver your multifuel stove to any Horsham location and should you need further assistance, we can install it too.

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Wood Burning Stoves Horsham

The sound of the wood crackling on a fire or stove is always something that just makes a place feel a little more cosy. Whether it be a living room or a pub, a restaurant or a reception, there is just something about the wood-burning smell and the sounds that come with it that create a certain kind of allure.

At Ignition Fires, we have plenty of options that can cater to that desired effect and our wood-burning stoves near Horsham, in our Cranleigh showroom, are among the best selection in the Southeast. With options that suit modern and classic aesthetics, you are never short of choice. Fancy something compact to be housed in the corner of a room? We can do that. Need a wood-burning stove that has storage for wood? We can do that too. In fact, if you need any type of wood-burning stove in Horsham, we have you covered.

Like with all our other types of home heating, we can offer both delivery and installation to ensure that all you have to do is shop online, or visit our showroom and then pick the wood-burning stove you like. Rest assured though, that at any time, if you have any questions about your choice of stove, our expert team are on hand to offer their support. You can also feel safe in the knowledge that Ignition is registered with OFTEC for the sale and installation of any wood-burning item we sell.

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Electric Fires Horsham

Electric fires are often the go-to where a chimney isn’t available and many wood and gas options are ruled out.

At Ignition, our team have compiled a beautiful selection of perfect electric fireplaces for residents of Horsham. From the stunning inset fires that add a touch of elegance, to the wall-mounted electric fires that fuse retro and modernity, as well as the classic and traditional-looking freestanding electric fireplaces and electric stoves, we have a host of options to suit all tastes.

With our Cranleigh showroom bursting with a great variety of choices, it is easy to find an electric fire for your Horsham home, simply browse the collection online or come and pay us a visit. Our friendly team will offer their advice where required and assist you with making an informed decision on which electric fire you should take back to Horsham with you.

All our electric fires are tested before they get to leave the showroom and are only sold subject to passing those tests. With simple installation and simple, safe ways to clean an electric fire, your purchase from Ignition is one where you can feel truly confident that your electric fire Horsham aims are met.

Gas Fires Horsham

If you are looking for gas fire fitters Horsham, then Ignition could be the option for you. Our 40 years of experience plus our Gas Safe membership means you are in safe hands.

Our gas fire range provides true versatility in the decision-making process too. If you prefer something classic, our convector fires and open hotbox fires provide an element of yesteryear whilst also bringing together the rules set out by current regulations and Gas Safe standards. Alternatively, if a more modern twist will suit your Horsham home, the letterbox gas fires, and U-shaped gas fires add a touch of the future with their smart tech integration and stylish aesthetic.

We know that tastes vary though and that is why we make sure that there is an abundance of options in both the classic and contemporary styles. All you have to do is simply find one you like! Should you be unsure, simply speak to our team either by phone, online or in the showroom. We are there six days a week and are happy to answer any questions regarding the purchase of a gas fire.

And once it’s installed? Our team of Gas Safe engineers can complete a gas fire service Horsham call-out to ensure your gas fire is at its best when you need some extra assistance.

Horsham Fireplace Surrounds

At Ignition Fires we know that a traditional fireplace is only truly marked off as complete once its surround is installed and at Ignition, we have a fantastic selection of fireplace surrounds to suit all types of stoves and fires. From wood to marble to cast iron, our team have worked alongside the best manufacturers in the world to bring a large and varied collection of surrounds to market that you can add to your home.

With the majority of the collection available in multiple sizes, you can find a fireplace surround to suit any fireplace regardless of the size.

Just like with choosing a fireplace, choosing the correct fireplace surround can be tricky, especially if you are stuck between styles. Our team understand this, so spend their time helping people make an informed decision on what works for their home best. Feel free to bring pictures of your Horsham home when you visit the showroom, and our experts will use their extensive knowledge to help you find a surround that not only suits the home but the budget as well.

To assist further, our team has produced a guide to help you find the best fireplace surround for your home. Opting for a fireplace for your Horsham home can be made significantly easier when you speak to the experts at Ignition Fires. Our years of experience and our extensive knowledge help put us at the forefront of fireplace suppliers for Horsham and the rest of the Southeast. With only the best stock available and a team committed to the highest levels of service, contact the Ignition team today to start the fireplace refurb you want to achieve.