Open Fire & BioEthanol

When winter comes there is often nothing better than sitting in front of an open fire and feeling the flames warm the air and illuminate the room. The wood crackles, the smoke escapes up the chimney and everything just feels warm and cosy.

Why wait until winter though, a stunning open fire can become the focal point of your room any time of year. Even when it’s not lit!

But maybe you have other plans and are looking at something that replicates all the benefits of a traditional open fire but are looking for a more modern approach- that’s when you go looking for a Bioethanol fire. An eco-friendly way to heat your home via flame!

At Ignition Fires, we have sourced the finest open multi-fuel fires and bio-ethanol fires that can be enjoyed not just indoors but outdoors too. Fusing modern style and classic designs, an open fire from Surrey fireplace specialists Ignition Fires could be THE next investment you make for your home.

Have a look below or visit our fireplace showrooms in Cranleigh and Holmwood to get a closer look. With delivery and installation available too, that open fire could be yours sooner than you thought!

Compliment it with one of our fireplace surrounds and your open fire will be something extra special!


Open fire or stove?

It is like an age-old debate. Which is better? Shall I get a stove or an open fire? Well, for the sake of profits we would say both but to maintain our levels of customer service that we are so proud of, we have to sit on the fence. Both provide fantastic benefits in terms of heat and appearance but as you are on this particular page, it seems likely that open fires have already taken the pride of place in the living room in your mind.

You wouldn’t be wrong in choosing one either. Especially if you like the idea of a real, authentic fire in the room.  The aroma from the wood burning, the dance of the flames and the ambience they can create mean that an open fire can lend itself to a variety of different room types. Where stoves tend to be based on more contemporary looks, open fires encompass both the modern and classic aesthetic allowing you to find one no matter what style of room you have.

Suitable fuels for open fires

Open fires are a popular choice among many people due to the versatility they offer. Where some fires rely on just one fuel type to be able to function properly, an open fire can have any fuel source (within reason!) burn on it. This can result in savings when compared to other types of fire as should you be out of one fuel source, you can easily use another one. Logs, coal and kindling can all be burnt on an open fire and are all in ready supply. You would just need to check if the area you live in has any restrictions over the types of fuel burned. If you burn something not allowed in your area you might get fined, and nobody wants that! Defra has an interactive map that can help give you information, but we would always suggest you contact your local council for complete clarity.

At Ignition Fires we have been helping people in Surrey and well beyond find the perfect open fire for their home and as a result can also advise on the best fuels suitable for your home. In fact, our team have been supplying fires of all types across the South East for over 30 years!

Bioethanol fires

Bioethanol fires are fast becoming a fireplace of choice for those shopping for something that gives an excellent heat source as well as being environmentally friendly and safe. And at Ignition Fires, we love them! We truly believe they are the fireplace that more and more people will turn too.

With no need for a chimney, as they give off no smoke, a bio-ethanol fire can be enjoyed regardless of the rules surrounding smoke-controlled zones.

In addition to the lack of smoke, an additional eco-benefit is the way the fuel burns. At 98% efficiency, it is a clean-burning fuel which means you are left with no residue or horrible smells as your fire burns.

Add in the hassle-free installation and you have an eco-friendly, safe, smoke-free fire that provides you with a real flame, real heat and no wasted energy! You can even adjust the flame if you like!

Why not get in touch or pay us a visit to see the incredible range of affordable and stunning bioethanol fires we have available.


What fuel can I burn in an open fire?

Open fires, for the most part, are multi-fuel meaning you do not have to stick to one fuel source. Wood, coal or kindling are all suitable to give you a great heat source and a real fire as opposed to imitation flames.

Where there is flame there is always a risk but with any open fire a grill or in some cases a window can be put in front of the flame to prevent any accidents. Take our Stuv 21/85 Single Face fire for example. A window slides across the prevent access to the flame but still gives you the look and warmth you require.

So many woods give off different aromas and for many people, this is a deciding factor in which wood they burn. Unseasoned logs are great but should be bought in the summer ready for winter use. Seasoned logs are again great for open fires but will need one-two weeks of rest time before being used so they can fully dry out. Another option is heat logs, made up of wood waste, they can be used immediately and prove to be an eco-friendly alternative. If it is the aroma you are after, consider cherry, cedar or pear.

By adding bioethanol fuel to the fireplace, you can ignite fuel with a lighter, within just a few minutes the flame will take hold and start to warm your room. You can then adjust the flame to a level that suits or simply extinguish it via a pull or push slider on the fire.

In most cases, any floor type should be suitable but feel free to ask our team for advice when you visit our Cranleigh fireplace showroom or call us.  Many bioethanol fires come on rubber feet raising them from the floor.

It isn’t a requirement but, in many cases, where people have removed their original fire and replaced it with a bioethanol fire it has naturally sat on a hearth. This does add to the look and in our opinion, adds to the effect you are creating.

At Ignition Fires, we are pleased to offer a host of services and should your new fireplace require delivery simply let us know. We are based in Surrey but can help facilitate delivery much further afield. Our Cranleigh fireplace delivery service works alongside a host of pallet carriers and couriers ensuring that no matter where you are, we can still get your bioethanol fire or any other fireplace to your door.

In the case of many open fires there is not much needed in terms of installation, but should you be unsure of what is required, or not feel confident in completing the job, just speak to our team. As installers and suppliers of fireplaces we endeavour to make the whole process of getting your fireplace from store to door and then operational totally seamless.

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