Fireplace Surrounds

Woodburning fireplaces always look so much better with a stunning fireplace surround accompanying it. The flicker of the flame enhanced by the vibrant decorative nature that a surround provides.

What type are you going to choose though? Much like our variety of stoves and fireplaces, the surrounds come in an abundance of high-quality, expertly crafted pleasing aesthetics. You’ve just got to find one that fulfils your fireplace needs!

Maybe stone, possibly marble, you might have a soft spot for timber, oak or pine, or could it be the classic cast iron? No matter your preference, at Ignition we know we’ve got the fireplace surround for you.

So, whether you have a natural wood-burning fireplace or have moved into the world of electric fireplaces dive in and have a look!


Marble fireplace surround

A stunning marble fireplace surround does wonders for fireplaces that fit in with a Georgian, Victorian, or Edwardian style. Hard-wearing and able to carry off the look of both subtle and vibrant, a marble surround adds plenty of character to your fireplace.

Marble is truly versatile though and where it suits these classic styles with ease, it doesn’t look out of place in a modern interior either.

Bold and able to make a statement yet also perfectly capable of being fantastically minimal. It’s just a case of finding which marble type you prefer. For example, Carrara marble is highly polished and will contain the unique patterns marble is famous for. Its patterning is usually soft and feathery with the veins being a light grey. If something a little darker piques your interest, then a Nero Marquina with its effortlessly classy appearance will make any fireplace look impressive.

Perhaps statuary marble might be more to your tastes, the whiter of the marble with darker grey veins offer a contrast that creates an impressive and bright appearance.

Stone fireplace surround

A stone fireplace surround can fit in well with pretty much any room type. Completely versatile, they sit well in either a modern or traditional room. With sweeping curves or robust rigidness, the appearance of a stone surround can help define the character of a room with minimum effort.

At Ignition, we have carefully curated a batch of stunning stone surrounds with Cabouca limestone being one of our most popular. Quarried from the mountains of Porto Mos in Portugal, this tough stone with a creamy appearance adorns many fireplaces we have helped to install. If you are looking for a little more elegance, consider anything that is expertly crafted from the Italian Bianco Avorio limestone.

We are constantly sourcing new products fit to furnish any room so should there be a stone surround you may have seen elsewhere, get in touch. Our innovative team can source almost anything!

Wooden fireplace surround

Wooden fireplace surrounds tend to be particularly popular with people looking to create a more classic aesthetic for their homes. That being said, there are countless options for wooden fireplace surrounds that take on a modern, contemporary style. Oak and pine, for example, allow for an ageless look that encompasses style and beauty. It’s just a case of picking which one you like the most!

Much like other materials used on fireplace surrounds, natural wood helps create a focal point for any room that you wish to add a fireplace to. With its waxed finish, maintenance is easy, however, should wood be your preference, be aware that painted surrounds are not suitable for use with solid fuel fires.

We are constantly updating our selection of wooden fireplace surrounds so keep an eye out for the latest additions to our ever-increasing stock.


Victorian fireplace surround

If your home exudes history, a touch of the old vintage, and maybe a slight nod to the good old days then maybe a Victorian fireplace is what you currently have. If you do, then one of our stunningly beautiful Victorian surrounds will complement the fireplace perfectly. Cast iron helps create an imposing look and the carefully crafted intricate design work that adorns them helps showcase the talent of the engineers from yesteryear. Of course, our surrounds were not made hundreds of years ago, we can guarantee they replicate that standard to a tee though! In fact, without being biased, they exceed it!

Available as a wood or iron surround, these are real statement pieces! Reach out to us today to see how we can help accentuate the impact your room can create.

Want to see our range of surrounds close up? Head to our Ignition Fires Cranleigh showroom today!


How can you remove a fireplace surround?

A fireplace surround can be removed by yourself should you wish to partake in a little DIY. It ultimately depends on what it is made of. A wooden surround, for example, is often screwed to wooden battens that are attached to the wall. In some cases, brackets hold the surround in place making the task a little easier. As with any installation or removal job, if you feel unsure, seek some guidance. Our expert team are readily available to offer assistance so you can welcome your new surround into your home right away!

Marble is hard-wearing but can also be delicate if not treated right. For example, when you remove your marble surround, if you drop it, chances are, it’s gonna break! So, much like when removing other surrounds, you need to find out how it is attached before you start to work on it. If with screws, you should not have too much of a problem. In some cases, fireplace surrounds are part of the structure of the fireplace itself. This can make the task a little harder and may require someone more skilled in the job. As ever, give us a shout, we can pass on our knowledge to help and then when you need a new one installed, we will be there to get the job done!

You can, you just need to ensure that it is clean, and you use suitable paint before going any further.

An oil-based primer will be needed before you give it a splash of colour. Allow this to dry and then you can get painting. Just ensure you use an indoor latex and heat-resistant paint. Depending on the finish you go for, a semi-gloss, gloss or flat paint will do the job. Gloss does make the maintenance aspect a little easier, so keep this in mind! Marble surrounds are a little different, you’ll need to sand the surround first, then prime it before sanding again. You can then add your paint.

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