Electric Stoves

Electric stoves are the perfect way to bring some heat into the home when you are unable to get the benefit of a wood or gas stove.

They give the same stunning aesthetic as their gas or wood equivalents and without the need for a chimney, can suit pretty much any room in the house.

At Ignition, we have carefully crafted a selection of incredible electric stoves from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Able to compliment a room that oozes contemporary design or tends to the needs of one that’s a little more traditional, the entire range gives any room more character, comfort and class.


Electric stove fire and log burners

Without the need for a real flame, the concern over fire safety is removed but the fire effect is never lost. Perfectly encased in a modern or traditional stove, an electric stove fire from Ignition can ensure you are kept illuminated and warm when the weather gets colder, and the nights get darker.

Our range of electric log burners at Ignition comes in shapes and sizes to suit any room. Need something to sit in a corner, we’ve got a stove for that. Want something to sit where your fireplace would be, we’ve got a stove for that, or perhaps you want something to replicate a wood burning or gas unit. We’ve got a stove for that too.

Electric stove fires are available with a log effect or coal effect helping create the look you are striving for without the need to top up on the different fuel types to keep the flames roaring.

We know how much authenticity matters and at Ignition, each of our electric stoves harnesses the best in modern technology to give you the most realistic effects all the time. In addition, many of these high-quality electric stoves have an inbuilt functionality that allows you to control it via your phone, tablet or laptop.

Connect it to your Amazon Alexa-compatible devices or your Google Home system to control the heat just the way you like it whether you are at home or not.

Electric stove efficiency

With all items that use power, the fear is that you are wasting money. Especially now that the prices to even turn a light on are scaring people. With that in mind, you will be pleased to know that an electric stove is 100% efficient.

Almost all of the energy you put into it by turning it on is transformed into heat. So, whilst it will cost you money to run it. You aren’t wasting any lost energy.


How expensive are electric stoves?

Our range of stoves is always evolving, we have built up a fantastic relationship with the best manufacturers in the business and when a new model is released, we are one of the first to know. Seen it elsewhere? Ask us about it, we will always endeavour to see if it is a make or model we can get hold of. Price-wise, you could be spending just under £1000 or well over £1400. Much depends on the size of stove you require. Ask us for the latest information relating to prices or product types, we will always be happy to help.

Where electric stoves do not require the same sort of attention to install as gas stoves we can bring them to your door or into your home. Whichever you prefer. Installation is normally just by plugging it in so it is unlikely you will need us for that part! If you do though, just ask!

We are based in the Southeast and predominantly cover the Sussex and Surrey regions. That is not to say we will not deliver elsewhere. In fact, we regularly receive orders from all over the UK and where this is the case, we find suitable carriers where necessary.

Our stunning array of stoves are on display in our Ignition Fires Cranleigh showroom, you can visit

Mon-Sat from 9 am-5 pm. With onsite parking, feel free to turn up and have a browse around, alternatively make an appointment with us if you prefer.

They sure are, if we felt they posed a significant risk, we wouldn’t sell them. Each item is built with safety as well as comfort in mind and will come with a manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

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