Gas Fires

At Ignition, we are proud to have a wide range of classic and contemporary gas fires available for the home or commercial properties. Embracing a mixture of stunning curves, flawless design and of course, fantastic heating capabilities, our range of gas fires means that any building can benefit from the high-quality aesthetic and premium standard of gas fires we supply. We may be based in Surrey, but we can provide you with a stunning gas fire no matter where you are!

With a host of incredible styles that can be the perfect accompaniment to any room. We have carefully curated a selection of gas fires that really spoils you for choice. So whether it is an open-front gas fire, an outset gas fire, a glass-fronted gas fire or a balanced flue gas fire take a look below and discover the new gas fire you never knew you needed until now!


Glass fronted gas fires

A stunning glass fronted gas fire can really transform a room. Gone are the wall-mounted plug-in heaters that omit a bright orange glow but only send the heat a few centimetres and in are economical glass-fronted gas fires with a pleasing visual appearance and incredible heat output.

Sure, those electric heaters were a mainstay of households in the 70s and 80s but now as tastes change and people look to warm the room efficiently, gas fires are becoming the fire of choice for those that want to fuse style and comfort.

Able to add a splash of class to any room, all the while serving its exact purpose of proving warmth, a glass fronted gas fire can become a stand-out feature of your property and combine the perfect mix of modern and classic. Hearth mounted or built into the wall, they are extremely efficient, look great and are available in a range of styles that can suit any home aesthetic.

Outset gas fires

An outset gas fire is sometimes seen as the more old-fashioned style of gas fire but at Ignition, we know that classic never truly dies. Sitting on the hearth rather than set into the chimney, these economical gas fires allow for a selection of fuel beds to help cultivate a style that matches your requirements. With different variations available that each heat the room differently, you can trust Ignition to help guide you through the decision-making process of which outset gas fire may suit you and your budget best.

Traditional gas fires

Do traditional gas fires even exist these days? One could argue no as the impact that the retro boom has had on everyone has meant that something that by appearance could be classed as traditional is now very much modern!

Perhaps we could look at it another way-modern technology mixed with traditional, maybe vintage design using the latest materials? Well, in that case, look no further. At Ignition, we have carefully selected a fantastic range of gas fires that embrace a little of the past whilst also providing you with the quality only modern design may help enhance.

With fuel bed effects that help accentuate the burning of wood or coal and a visual aesthetic that gives the fire a vintage appearance, you can mix classic and contemporary easily with a gas fire from Ignition. Need a closer look? Our fireplace showrooms in Cranleigh and Holmwood give you the chance to visualise the quality up close.

Modern gas fires

Technology is constantly evolving and in the world of gas fires, this has seen some incredible innovation from a host of fantastic fireplace manufacturers. Whether you would like your gas fire to act as a room divider that provides an all-around glow or maybe you prefer it to burn brightly, built into a wall looking almost like a picture you have just hung, you’ll find a modern gas fire for you at Ignition.

Providing you with different fuel beds to help create added effect and crafted with impact in mind, the modern gas fires we provide at Ignition are effortlessly stylish, full of quality and long-lasting. With many allowing for multiple viewing angles of the fire itself as well as wi-fi connectivity to help you control it, the modern gas fire you choose today could reinvent your room and see you make an improvement to the home you never felt possible.

Gas fire servicing, delivery and installation in Surey

We may be based in Surrey, but enquiries come in from all over the country regarding the array of gas fires we stock, and we are more than happy to supply anyone with the gas fire they are looking for.

In most cases, people collect their new gas fire directly from our Cranleigh showroom but we can offer fireplace delivery though currently our installations only cover the Sussex and Surrey areas.

Our fully qualified team will service your gas fire when necessary and offer a breakdown/repair service whilst also offering routine fireplace maintenance. This is not a 24-hour emergency service though, so should you discover a fault that may cause injury or illness, please contact a local 24hr gas engineer and if need be, the emergency services.

As installers and suppliers of fireplaces, we understand this is a project you want to get just right. To ensure you get things looking just how you want them, our gas-safe registered team are on hand to install your new gas fire but should you already have someone in place to get things where you want them, we can simply deliver it and allow you to pass on the installation process to somebody else.

Working alongside you every step of the way from selection, to ordering, to delivery and installation, you can trust Ignition to help you get the gas fire you require and have it looking the way you want it. Get in touch today to see how we can make your room transformed with a new gas fire.


How much will a gas fireplace cost?

Our prices vary and we are always discovering new stock. Should you have a particular idea in mind or have a budget that you wish to work to, give us a call. We can give you up-to-date information as well as availability and prices. We supply gas fires from a host of world-renowned fireplace manufacturers and can find what suits your budget however big or small.

Yes! We sure are! Safety is a priority to us so we want to make sure that every step of the purchase or installation is compliant with every possible regulation out there. We are registered with Gas Safe for gas works, including LPG in houses. For other appliances that burn solid fuel or wood-burning appliances, we are registered with OFTEC. We are also fully VAT registered.

This depends on a few factors. Whether you are using an independent installer or choosing Ignition for the installation of fireplace and whether there is any additional work required.

In some cases, a job that may normally take 10 minutes, could take 1 hour and sometimes, something that could take an hour could take a day! Luckily, we also work alongside selected independent installers that know us well and help see that jobs are completed as quickly as possible. With gas fires, installation is relatively fast but feel free to ask us about timescales should you have any questions. Everybody has slightly different requirements. By working to your specific needs, we can give you an accurate timeline.

Yes indeed, and when we install, we only use gas-safe engineers to ensure they are fitted safely and securely posing no risk to you or your family.

Of course. You can browse our selection on our website, but you are more than welcome to pay us a visit at our Ignition Fires Cranleigh Showroom. We are open Mon-Sat from 9 am -5 pm and have over 100 exciting products in store. With parking on site, you can simply turn up and browse around our collection. If you would prefer to make an appointment, simply let us know.

With any alteration to the home, you should always be aware that it is potentially a long-term investment.  You wouldn’t want to have a beautiful gas fire purchased only to find it does not fit or look terribly out of place in the room you have chosen. Therefore, we always suggest you bring along some information about room size, fireplace dimensions and your chimney (if you have one). In addition, photos can also help us help you make the right decision for your home.

Surprisingly more efficient than you might think. In many cases, a gas fire can have efficiency ratings as high as 94%. Speak to our team about fuel efficiency for your gas fire and they will be able to show you a wealth of economical gas fires.

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