Wood Burning Fires

A wood fire gives you the true authenticity of having a fire in the home. The crackling of the wood, the curls of smoke and the flickering flames all create a warm, cosy and welcoming effect for your room.

Whilst wood may be seen as an old-fashioned fuel source in some respects, there is nothing old-fashioned about the design and intricacy that goes into the creation of wood fires. With stunning classic designs sitting equally alongside the more contemporary styles, a wood fire can not only be the fire of the past, but it can also be the fire of the future.

At Ignition Fires, where quality, service and standards all meld together, we have selected a fantastic range of wood-burning fires to suit any design requirements you may have. So, take a look below and find your new fireplace. With our Surrey fireplace showrooms and both delivery and installation options available, a browse today could see you enjoying a new fireplace tomorrow.

Once you have found one you like, you could even consider a stunning fireplace surround to compliment it!


Wood-burning fireplaces Surrey

We may be located in Surrey but the interest in our wood-burning fireplaces spans nationwide! With a selection curated from the best fireplace brands in the world, we have made sure that every type of home can benefit from enjoying the delights of a wood-burning fire.

Delivering on quality, knowledge and passion, our team of fireplace experts can ensure that residents of Cranleigh, Holmwood, Reigate, Redhill and beyond can all find the wood-burning fire they desire, either by browsing our website or visiting our Cranleigh fireplace showroom.

Our fully transparent service means that no matter the wood-burning fire you are interested in, we can advise and guide you towards the best solution for you.

With installation, delivery and servicing just part of what we offer, nothing is ever compromised with Ignition Fires. At present, our installation team only operate in Sussex and Surrey but should you be one of the many customers from further afield, we would be delighted to deliver your new fire to your home or selected address. Just let us know when you place your order.

Wood burning fire installation and delivery in Surrey

With so much variety in our range, it comes as no surprise that some people require a little help with the installation of their new wood-burning fire. If so, speak to us!  Flume setup and so much more can be confusing so why not let us do it! Our team have carried out the installation of all types of fireplaces over the past 30+ years so can have you ready to heat things up in no time at all.

A careful delivery accompanied by an expert fitting means that you can sit back whilst we do the heavy lifting and get you prepared to enjoy your new home interior upgrade.

Should you wish to install it yourself though, or have a third party do it for you, that is no problem at all! Just let us know your requirements when you make a purchase.

Classic or contemporary wood fires

We regularly update our stock, and it would be hard to say which style people prefer such is the equally high demand both types receive.

Many of the classic wood fires pride themselves on intricate design, the cast iron having been carefully crafted to showcase the exquisite curves and dedication to perfection. For older homes, these classic wooden fireplaces with cast iron surround fit like a glove, oozing class and sophistication, you can easily transform your room with the installation of one.

A more contemporary wood fire is certainly the fireplace of choice for those in more open-plan rooms or modern housing. With integration into the wall, no additional space is taken, and the fire looks effortlessly sophisticated, classy, and stylish.

You could even look at outdoor wood fires, our range of these is just mind-blowing. Each illustrates its unique benefits for the area you need it to fit. Curvaceous cylinders, terrific triangles or tall towers, each give your outdoor space a real impact.

Types of wood burning fireplaces

There are commonly 4 types of wood fireplaces and the type of home you have may go someway into dictating what type of wood fireplace you can have in your home. All offer their unique benefits and styles. Should you be unsure about what best suits your needs, speak to our experts, we have been installing, delivering and maintaining wood-burning fires for over 30 years and can guide you through any queries you may have.

Open Hearth fires

The open-hearth wood fireplace is one of the most common and is typical of the older classic style. Typically built of stone or brick with a large hearth to catch embers, they are normally quite decorative and are more often than not accompanied by a fireplace surround to finish off the style. With a chimney needed to help remove the smoke, unfortunately, these types of fireplaces can be the least economical as heat does escape much easier.

Prefabricated fireplaces

The prefabricated fireplaces for wood fires are a little similar to the open-hearth fires but where specialist masonry was required on those, there is no need here. Instead, the fireplace is built from metal at a factory where it is then dispatched to the property or showroom that has purchased it. Easier and cheaper to install, they provide a stunning ambience whilst also giving you warmth.

Fireplace inserts

Fitted into the space an open hearth or prefabricated fireplace may have previously sat, these inserts are fires, contained in a box, sort of…..

With glass doors to reduce the risk of open flames causing damage or injury, they also decrease the amount of emissions as well as offer improved heat when compared to the open hearth and prefab options.

Wood burning fireplace

With no need for a chimney, these more modern twists on a traditional form of heating provide owners of newer builds as well as some older homes with a great heat source and visual spectacle. Using vents as you would with wood-burning stoves, these fireplaces offer more versatility and styles than the others allowing for increased options when it comes to deciding on a type you like.

Servicing your wood-burning fire

Once you have your stunning new wood-burning fire in place you will no doubt want to keep it in the best possible condition. We can help with that too! Our fully trained team are experts in the servicing and maintenance of your stove or fireplace. Simply provide us with some relevant information and we can either attend ourselves or send out one of our approved independent engineers.

Good fireplace maintenance not only keeps your fire looking great but it helps to extend its lifespan too!

Wood-burning stove regulations

There has been a lot of news recently about the regulations regarding burning wood and we want you to remain confident that you are not only safe but also compliant when purchasing from Ignition.

Firstly, each wood-burning item we sell passes rigorous testing to ensure it is safe to use.

EcoDesign was introduced in January 2022 and means that items such as wood-burning stoves must be manufactured with the lowest possible amount of resources and have the smallest possible impact on society and the environment.

The current legislation means that all stock manufactured after January 2022 must fit EcoDesign rules and we can guarantee that all the stock we sell that was manufactured after this date either meets or exceeds the regulation.

Stock made pre-January 2022 may in some cases already meet or exceed the EcoDesign rules but presently if it does not, it can still be sold. Should you have any questions about any of our wood-burning products and their EcoDesign compliance, please just ask.

Along with EcoDesign, the Clearskies certification is something we also try and adhere to when possible. This means that a product meets or exceeds the rules set out in the EcoDesign regulations.


What type of wood-burning fire is best?

Ultimately, this is down to you and the style of home you have. At Ignition, we offer a variety of stunning classic and contemporary wood-burning fires, each with its own character. Some may require a chimney, and some may not so before snapping up a stunning fire, check out its installation requirements first!

This is a question asked a lot. Anything that burns a fuel source will create some form of pollution. Wood-burning products can be classed as almost carbon-neutral and sustainable. The CO2 that is sent into the atmosphere can be absorbed by trees and therefore converted into oxygen.

We can understand why people may ask this. The simple answer is no. Wood-burning fires are not getting banned. There are rightful concerns about environmental impacts but with the introduction of EcoDesign and the Clearskies policies, genuine efforts have been made to make wood-burning fires more sustainable and eco-friendly.  At Ignition, we are keen advocates of the rules about making the planet cleaner, which is why all of our products manufactured after Jan 2022 meet the EcoDesign regulations. In many cases, those made pre-2022 will also match or exceed them too.

You’d be surprised, wood burning fires can be a great asset to help increase house value. Depending on the type you choose, installation can be simple as can the unit itself resulting in less expense but a great ROI when it comes to selling. In some cases, a stunning wood fire could see your house value increase by as much as 5%.

Whilst all woods burn, you must make sure that you only burn the right types. Wood that has been fully dried out will burn best and reduce the risk of large amounts of creosote or tar building up within the fireplace. Not only this but the emissions released by wet wood are far more damaging than those from dried-out wood. Look for wood that has a 20% or lower moisture content.

In terms of the best wood to burn, look for Ash, Beech, Hawthorn or Cedar.

You should not need planning permission for a fireplace to be installed. However, if a chimney was needed to be added to the property then you more than likely would.

Should you be installing the wood burner yourself then you should inform the local council. This is not planning permission but the building control department may wish to inspect it to ensure it is safely installed.

Of course! Just come along to any of our showrooms to see the wonderful ranges we have. Our Cranleigh fireplace showroom is packed with an incredible array of items. Feel free to pay us a visit Monday- Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Yes we can! Our team would be more than happy to facilitate a fireplace delivery for you. Simply give us any special requirements you may have when you make a purchase and we can do the rest. Should you wish to collect it yourself instead, just let us know.


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