Wood Burner & Multifuel Stoves

There is nothing cosier than a real wood fire burning away on a cold winter’s night. The glow, the warmth and the smells reverberate around the room to create a mystical allure that you just might not find with other types of heat systems.

Our wood and multifuel stoves come in a variety of classic and contemporary designs so that any home, and any room can benefit from their stunning appearance.

At Ignition, we have spent years perfecting the most varied and inclusive collection of stoves across a host of different heating options. So, whether wood or another fuel source is how you would like to heat the home, come on a journey of discovery with us.



Wood Burner stoves Surrey

Our range of wood burning stove fireplaces creates interest all over the country, we love that! Perhaps you have been wowed on the website or have shopped in the showroom. Maybe you have just heard great things, either way, you can remain confident that our team at Ignition make sure that service is premium, expectations are exceeded, and quality is never compromised.

Just be aware that the core of our work takes place in the Sussex and Surrey areas meaning we can only carry out installations in these places. However, should you be looking to install your wood-burning stove yourself, we can deliver anywhere in the country. Just let us know when you order!

We can also service your wood-burning stove and offer a repair service as well as routine maintenance. Just ask us for more information, we would be happy to help.

Installing woodburning stoves

Woodburning stoves are a big piece of kit and may need a little help getting installed. Should you not feel confident that you can safely get your new stove in place, speak to us. Our years of experience mean our team can have you ready to go in no time at all. With careful delivery and expert fitting, you can rest assured that those warm winter nights are now possible. Each member of our team is fully adept at the handling, installation, and operation of any stove that we sell. They will be happy to answer any questions when it comes to having your stove installed.

Multi-fuel stove vs wood burner

Perhaps you are feeling too spoilt for choice and cannot decide what stove you would prefer in your home. You could get two you know….One in the living room, one in the bedroom….?

A recent report from Which? Showed that of the stove owners they polled, 52% owned a wood burner whilst 48% were benefitting from multi-fuel. So, with the results being too close to call, you would be forgiven for not knowing which is the best option for you. At Ignition, we specialise in both types. Although, that is probably not much help when you are trying to decide which one you should choose!

We guess the easiest way to help the decision-making process is to explain how they work. A Multi-fuel stove, for example, does exactly what it says on the tin (what tin I hear you cry!), it burns a variety of fuels and typically will work with wood, coal, or smokeless fuel. They need air to reach them from below and will have a grate for the fuel to sit on.

Woodburning stoves will instead have air circulating from the top with the wood sitting on a bed of ash.

Both are easy to maintain and, if we must say, look amazing!

It has been said before that multi-fuel stoves are less efficient than wood as the stove isn’t optimized for all fuel types. However smart innovators have made changes to multi-fuel stoves over recent years that allow for changes to how your chosen fuel burns. This results in a more efficient burner.

On the whole, if you follow our guidance, you will have an efficient, long-lasting, highly durable stove regardless of the fuel type you choose. Our simple advice is if you just plan to burn wood. Then stick with a woodburner.


At Ignition, we want you to be able to feel safe and confident in how your burner performs. Every item we sell passes stringent tests to make sure it complies with the relevant regulations.

Introduced in January 2022, EcoDesign regulations mean that goods must be manufactured using the minimum level of resources and have a minimum impact on both society and the environment. At present, we cannot guarantee every one of our stoves complies with EcoDesign due to the current legislation meaning that any stoves currently in the supply chain, can still be sold.

You can rest assured that any of our stock manufactured after January 2022 will be fully compliant. In many cases, stock manufactured before this date was crafted with EcoDesign in mind too.

We also ensure that many of our stoves meet the clearskies certification. This shows that a stove either meets or exceeds the EcoDesign legislation and will guarantee a low-emission and low-carbon stove.

You are more than welcome to ask any questions about the efficiency and environmental impact of your stove options any time at all.


How do wood burners work?

A wood burner works by allowing for a controlled area within which wood can burn. Wood is placed in the firebox and lit. Vents on the stove allow for an airflow that controls the speed of the burn and therefore the amount of heat.  Airflow on wood burners comes from the top of the unit, the reason being that wood will always burn better on a bed of ash as it draws air in from above.

Heat is then radiated via the metal body of the stove. Due to the closed front, you get a more efficient heat source than if using an open fire thanks to the gasses produced by the burning wood staying within the stove rather than dissipating into a wider space.

Multifuel stoves are an increasingly popular way to heat a home and are similar to wood burners. In fact, one of their features is that they can burn wood as well as other fuel sources.  With airflow coming from the bottom rather than the top, and the fuel source being put on a grate, that is pretty much all you may notice as significantly different between the two stove types. Multifuel stoves will allow for wood, coal, smokeless fuel and peat or turf briquettes.

Anything that burns a fuel source will create some form of pollution but when you consider the emissions cast by other fuel sources, you may be surprised just how little damage wood-burning stoves cause. Wood burners offer a low-carbon alternative to heating your home, in fact, they are pretty much carbon neutral. The CO2 that goes into the atmosphere when the logs are burned will be absorbed by trees. It’s like recycling energy!

Also, should you live in a smoke control zone-towns and cities mainly- you are required to have a DEFRA-exempt stove. Simply ask us about these stove types, and we will be delighted to help you find a stove that matches the requirements of where you live.

You can shop our EcoDesign compliant wood-burning stoves, save in the knowledge that they produce 90% fewer emissions than an open fire and 80% less than a 10-year-old stove.

Safety is our number one priority at Ignition, and we endeavour to ensure that every product we sell is compliant with all regulations. Furthermore, since the introduction of EcoDesign, the emissions that any type of solid fuel burner expresses must be within certain targets. This enables less risk to health and a better result for the environment too.

The good news here is that wood-burning stoves are not getting banned. All you will need to make sure of is that the stove is either an EcoDesign model or manufactured before January 1st 2022. All stoves on sale must meet one of these criteria. All of our stoves at Ignition will match this requirement with us eventually becoming fully EcoDesign compliant.

If you are looking to reduce energy costs, add some new style to your home and potentially increase its value, a wood burner can be a fantastic investment. With little effort needed to install, the cost saving against other home improvements can be vast!

A recent report found that your house value could increase by as much as 5%.

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