Electric Fires

Adding an electric fire to your home gives you the chance to totally transform your living room into something extra special.

With the ability to replicate the looks, the warmth and the feeling of a real fire, the electric fires that we stock at Ignition are feats of technical genius. Whether it’s a contemporary effect you prefer or maybe something that gives a little nod to the original wood or gas fires you may have had before, you’ll find it here.

Our carefully curated selection has something for every type of room, home or even workplace. Have a look below to discover what from the Ignition Fires collection could be adorning your room next.



Electric fires Surrey, Sussex and Kent

Operating out of our Surrey-based showrooms, our team have been working on sourcing the best in electric fires for over 30 years. Working as experts in both the selection, delivery and installation of electric fires means that we have been able to help households all across the South East warm up in winter and keep stylish in spring.

Offering a variety of flame effects, heat levels, sizes, styles and colours, we can help transform your room with minimal effort required. Simply browse our fantastic selection on the website or visit our Cranleigh fireplace showroom to get a closer look.

With many being controlled via apps or integration with your smart home devices, the world of electric fires has rapidly improved over the past few years. With fantastic efficiency, you can be confident in the knowledge no heat is lost up a chimney. In fact, electric fires are pretty much 100% efficient as the energy used turning it on is transformed into heat! What is not to love?

It just comes down to choosing what type of electric fire you like most. Then once you have picked one, our team can carefully deliver it and safely install it. However, should you rather do those things yourself, no problem! Just let us know when you order.

Choosing an electric fire

There are a few different types of electric fire on the market and it would be wise to learn a little about each before settling on a design, especially if it isn’t going to be compatible with your house layout!

At Ignition, we can spend time with you evaluating the options so that you can leave happy in the knowledge that you have the best possible electric fire for your home and your budget.

Inset electric fires

Using the space that your previous fire may have occupied, an inset or recess fire is perhaps one of the most popular types on the market right now. Chosen as a means to fill a previously occupied area, they save on additional renovation costs by simply filling the gap. With the ability to accentuate either a classic or modern style, these versatile fires offer beauty in appearance and comfort in heat.

A further bonus of choosing an inset electric fire is the added impetus it gives to any feature wall, if you are looking to integrate a TV wall and fireplace, this could be your option!

Wall-mounted electric fires

We love the wall-mounted electric fire, great in a small room. A real talking point anywhere. With many styles catering to a minimalist aesthetic, there are also plenty of fantastic designs that are pure IMPACT!

Easy to install, with incredible flame variations and great value, wall-mounted electric fires in all their guises provide you with something that stands out without being intrusive.

With incredible fireplace brands like Evonic helping lead the way, you know a wall-mounted fire from Ignition will add the finishing touch to your room.

Freestanding electric fires

Giving you the appearance of a more traditional fire, these freestanding electric fires look fantastic when accompanied by a fireplace surround. They won’t need any type of recess to fit in and instead will just stand up against the wall yet still look like a traditional fireplace. Perfect when you want an authentic fireplace appearance but don’t have the chimney to facilitate a wood burning fireplace.

Electric stoves

Of course, if one of the electric fireplaces doesn’t spark your interest, an electric stove could! At Ignition we have built up a fantastic variety of them, browse our electric stove range to see how they can make a difference to your home.

Servicing, delivery and installation of electric fires

We want you to enjoy your electric fire as soon as possible and can help you speed up that process by offering delivery and fireplace installation of your brand-new electric fire.

Should you wish to do it all yourself though, it is not a problem! Whilst we love to visit our customers and help them get set up, we also understand that many people like to do things themselves. No problem at all! Simply inform us when ordering what your preferences are and we can work alongside you to give you the result that matches your needs.


Are electric fires economical?

Whilst everybody is rightfully concerned about energy costs it may interest you to know that electric fires are not only extremely efficient but also economical. With 100% of the energy being converted to heat, you will only be spending what you need rather than wasting money where it is not needed.

They most definitely are and every item that leaves an Ignition showroom has been extensively tested to ensure it operates exactly how it needs to without posing risk to you or your family.

Electric fires are perhaps the easiest to install. In many cases, it is simply plugged

in and switched on! However, should you have any questions regarding fireplace installation, just ask, we would be delighted to help.

This could come down to taste as well as the style of your home. Whilst a traditional-looking free-standing electric fire will suit those looking for the classic appearance, a more modern property may suit a wall-mounted or inset electric fire. To give you the best idea of what works for you, feel free to visit our Cranleigh fireplace showroom we can assist with queries and you can view a wide-ranging selection of fantastic fires.

Unlike other fires that require a fuel source to be ignited, electric fires imitate real fire through smart effects and visuals. The heat is generated by the heater built within. In many cases, you can control both the level of heat via an app or home assistant device as well as controlling it on the fire itself.

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