Fireplace Accessories UK

At Ignition Fires, we pride ourselves on being the premier retailer for a wide array of fireplace accessories in the UK. We understand the joy and comfort that comes from a roaring fire, especially during the chilly winters. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to provide not just exceptional fires, but also the essential fireplace accessories that elevate your fireplace experience.


Discover Our Extensive Range of Fireplace Accessories UK

Whether you own a traditional wood-burning fireplace, a convenient gas fire, a clean electric fire, an open fire, or an eco-friendly bioethanol fire, we have a comprehensive collection of fireplace accessories to suit all your needs. Our carefully curated inventory comprises fireplace tools, fireguards, coal buckets, fire grates, hearth rugs, log baskets, and fireplace screens, amongst other accessories. We also offer a plethora of fireplace surrounds that add an aesthetic value to your space while protecting your walls and furnishings.

Quality Fireplace Accessories Designed to Last

Quality matters to us. Our fireplace accessories in the UK are sourced from the most reliable manufacturers around the globe. They’re not only designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of your fireplace but also to add a touch of elegance to your home decor. Every piece is rigorously tested for durability, ensuring that you get value for your money.

Fireplace Tools – Enhance Your Fire Management

A set of quality fireplace tools is a must-have for any fireplace owner. Our fireplace tool sets are designed to make fire management safe and easy. They include tongs for log adjustment, a poker for stoking the fire, a shovel for ash removal, and a brush for keeping the hearth clean. These sets, available in various styles and finishes, will definitely complement your fireplace and room decor.

Fire Guards and Screens – A Blend of Safety and Style

With safety being paramount, fire guards and screens are essential fireplace accessories. They serve to protect your home and loved ones from flying sparks and embers. At Ignition Fires, our fire guards and screens blend functionality with style, offering both protection and a charming aesthetic appeal.

Fireplace Accessories UK – Delivered to Your Doorstep

Ignition Fires is your one-stop-shop for all fireplace accessories in the UK. With our seamless online shopping experience and efficient delivery service, your desired fireplace accessories are just a click away. Plus, our physical stores located throughout the United Kingdom are fully stocked, ready to cater to your fireplace accessory needs.

At Ignition Fires, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, quality products, and a shopping experience that is second to none. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current fireplace or starting from scratch, Ignition Fires has got you covered with the best fireplace accessories in the UK. Enjoy your fireplace, your way. Contact us today!

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