Antique Fireplaces in Surrey

Classic is the new modern for many households as people look to redecorate their homes with a more vintage and antique look. The furniture, the décor and even your fireplace can all help shape the style of your house into something that replicates days gone by but still encompasses a modern touch.

As the leading suppliers of fireplaces in Surrey and the surrounding areas, we understand this and have carefully curated a selection of incredible antique fireplaces suitable for a variety of homes.

Stunning cast iron with intricate and ornate decoration helps make antique fireplaces really stand out in your home. Add in the crackle of the flame, the aroma of the wood and the warm cosy feeling they help accentuate and you have a part of your home that not only adds character but potentially value too.

With some models suited for warming a bedroom and others perfect for your living room, there are a host of beautiful options to choose from. Why not come and check them out in our Cranleigh fireplace showroom for a closer look or have a quick browse below.


Antique cast iron fireplaces

Antique cast iron fireplaces are perhaps the most popular on the market and a range that our team at Ignition Fires love selling. Each looks like it could probably tell a story, maybe it was part of the furnishings in a stunning mansion like something from Downton Abbey, or perhaps it warmed the living rooms of an old farm. Maybe it was part of a 1920s family home, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

With cast iron being used for Victorian antique fireplaces as well as those from the Georgian and Edwardian eras as well as the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods, the variety is huge. It just comes down to you finding what suits the style you are aiming for. Each has its unique look so discover which one is the one for you today with Ignition Fires.

Antique marble fireplaces

Marble is seen as a premium material and if you want to fuse the class with the past then this could be a great option for you. At Ignition, our Cranleigh and Holmwood showrooms are frequently taking in new stock and should an antique marble fireplace be something you are considering, pay us a visit.

Also utilising the Victorian and Georgian style often found in cast iron antique fireplaces, a marble antique fireplace showcases these stunning designs with perhaps a little more vibrancy. Beautifully hand-carved floral patterns for example, just draw you in a little more on an antique marble fireplace. Of course, if subtlety is more your thing and the room aesthetic suits, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with a cast iron fireplace.

With Carrera marble being a highly polished, light-coloured material and Nero Marquina exhibiting a dark yet classy finish, a marble antique fireplace can look amazing almost anywhere!

At Ignition Fires though it isn’t just marble or cast iron for your Antique fire, we take in new stock all the time, so much so that you could discover something new every visit!

Antique fireplace surrounds

Nothing quite finishes off a fireplace like a stunning fireplace surround and at Ignition, we have an incredible selection to compliment your antique fireplace.

Whether you’re looking for a wooden finish, something cast iron, to match the antique fire itself or a marble fireplace surround, you can find one with us. Strong. Impactful and beautifully decorated, they complement a bedroom or living room fireplace perfectly. A fireplace surround gives your room an added injection of WOW!

With styles of fireplace surrounds matching the same as the fire itself you can match the surround to the fire to help theme the room but you can also be versatile. Fireplace tiles allow you to mix and match eras without anything looking out of place. An Art Deco tile set can sit quite comfortably with a Victorian or Edwardian antique fire, likewise something from a Victorian era could be complimented quite nicely with Georgian or Art Nouveau tiles. Ultimately it is up to you, but should you be unsure, chat with us, we love to help people transform their room.

Antique fireplace installation

Antique fireplaces can be big bits of kit so sometimes you may need a hand. At Ignition Fires, we can help you with that. Covering Surrey fireplaces installation as well as those much further afield, we can help you with the setup of the fireplace project you have taken on.

From ordering to delivery, to the moment it is installed, our team can make the whole process of getting an antique fireplace set up easy. Registered with OFTEC means that you can rest assured your fireplace is installed safely and our network of contacts means that there will always be someone on hand to help.

Simply ask about installing your antique fireplace when you order or pay us a visit, and we can take care of the rest.

Antique fireplace servicing

With installation comes the question of servicing and at Ignition Fires, any fireplace we supply will reach you in premium condition. That is not to say though that further down the line you may need some additional assistance. Like you get your car serviced, an antique fireplace needs some TLC too. Our fireplace maintenance can help you keep your antique fireplace in its best possible condition. You simply get in touch, and let us know which fire you have and our Surrey-based team will be on hand to service your fire.


Can I have an antique fireplace in my home?

Sure! If you have a chimney, an antique wood-burning fire can easily be installed subject to space. In some cases we have also seen people utilise antique fireplace surrounds to house a bioethanol fire too, when you do this, you don’t even need a chimney!

Antique fires do tend to be quite large so it is always worth considering the space you plan to use for your fire. That being said, there are a host of bedroom antique fires that you could look at putting in a smaller room. Visit our Cranleigh Fireplace showroom to see whats in stock!

Yes! A simple dusting can keep it looking great and if your antique fireplace is cast iron, there are an array of products available that can help you maintain its general look. In terms of general maintenance, you can always consult our team at Ignition Fires. We offer fireplace servicing and would be delighted to pass on our knowledge.

Yes, we can. We offer a full delivery service for all fires purchased from us. However should you wish to collect from our Cranleigh fireplace showroom and take it home yourself, that is totally fine. Simply let us know how you would like your fireplace to arrive when you purchase it. Despite being based in Surrey, we can ship anywhere so if you are looking for a fireplace and are based further afield, it’s not a problem!

Chimney cleaning is an important part of fire safety in the home so before any fireplace installation takes place it is worth having the chimney cleaned. Once done you can go ahead and have your new fireplace installed. Just keep in mind that chimney sweeping will still need to be part of your fireplace maintenance. Just speak to us about Surrey chimney sweeping.

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