Ignition Fires can sort out the installation of your fireplaces and stoves fire.

We recognise there are many different levels of service required – according to the type of job and the type of client.  For some people the only help they require is to load the stove or fireplace in the back of their car, or for us to drop it off to their builder.  That is fine with us.

Install through Third Party Installers

Some people have someone lined up to install it – someone that we don’t know.  That is fine for us too. We are happy for them to collect from our showrooms or we can arrange for it to be delivered to site.

Have Ignition Install the Stove / Fireplace

Some people want us to do the whole lot – one bill to pay, one butt to kick (as a customer described it just recently). This is fine Ignition is registered and insured to carry out all the works directly. We are registered with Gas Safe for gas works ( including LPG in houses), and we are registered with OFTEC for solid fuel and wood-burning appliances.  Sadly we are also VAT registered so installations purchased from us do attract VAT (unless new build).  Employed staff do not normally work from ladders, so scaffolding or cherry pickers is normally a requirement in those jobs. So buying through the company attracts a little more red tape, and is not necessarily the cheapest way to do it, but it does afford you peace of mind.

Working Alongside Your Installers

The most popular choice for installations and what accounts for about 80% of the fireplaces and stoves we sell is where we work alongside a team of independent installers. We will price the job and liaise, but the installer himself (for they are all men at present) will invoice the installation charges to you on completion and you pay them directly.  They are all fully insured and registered and they are all experienced guys we have worked with for a long time. Some people worry that there will be more hassle, but frankly, we don’t find that. The installers in general look after the client very well because they want good feedback and to continue to receive referrals from Ignition. 

Finding Solutions

It’s not impossible to get a problem during an installation – run fact, truth be told there is often some detail that is not quite as expected, or the chimney is not easy, or the fireplace does not knock out as perfectly as hoped – but as a general rule the installation teams, whether employed or independent, will invariably find a way to sort things out.    

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