4 Smart Reasons to Install a Wood Burning Stove

Date: 7 May 2015

According to recent figures, wood-burning stoves are experiencing something of a revival. HETAS reports that over the last 5 years, installations of wood-burning stoves have increased by an astonishing 50%. But why?

Stoves Turn a House into a Home

Today’s modern wood burning stoves are a world away from their old, smoky predecessors. These days, not only are modern wood burning stoves clean to run; they’re also visually appealing too. A huge range of stylish designs are available, and it isn’t an exaggeration to say that there is a stove to suit you, no matter what your taste.

Try visiting a home that is heated by a wood-burner and you’re instantly transfixed by the warm, homely feel that the flames create. It might be a cliché, but a wood burning stove on a cool day really can create a wonderful focal point for all the family – and help to turn a house into a home.

Increased Modern Efficiency

If you grew up with an open fireplace as many of us did, you’ll be only too familiar with all the soot produced, not to mention the room filling with smoke on a windy day.

Today’s best-selling stoves are however a breed apart. Not only do more efficient flues help to draw any smoke away to the outside, but the fires also burn far more efficiently. It has been claimed that while open fire-places run to a rather embarrassing 10% efficiency level, many modern stoves have a 70% efficiency or even greater.

This not only means less soot (and as a result, cleaning) but it also means that even in cold weather a modestly-sized stove is capable of keeping you warm and toasty with minimal fuel. Warmer homes and fewer visits to the woodpile; a recipe made in heaven.

Adds Value to Your Property

According to some authorities, a feature fireplace can add up to 5% to the value of your home. This means that buying and installing a stove shouldn’t be considered a “sunk cost” but rather an investment in your future.

Not only is a stove an object that the whole family can enjoy for years to come, it is also an investment that can pay you back handsomely if you ever decide to sell your property in the future.

Cost-Effective Heating Source

Since the recession we’ve all become a little more aware of the money we spend. So it should come as no surprise that modern stoves also represent benefits in terms of running costs.

According to research carried out by HETAS, it costs just 2.5p per kilowatt hour to heat your home with a wood-burning stove. This contrasts starkly with gas, at 4p per kw/h, and electricity, at 11p per kw/h.

Add to this the fact that a wood-burning stove allows you to directly heat the most commonly-used rooms in your home (such as the living room) rather than wasting power on heating unused rooms (like the spare bedroom).

No wonder that ever more value-conscious home owners are opting to install a wood burning stove to meet their family’s needs.

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