Burn efficiently this weekend with a new log burner

Date: 27 January 2013

If you haven’t yet, then you should…make room in your home for the impressive, highly efficient woodburning stove, the Riva Studio 3 Freestanding.

Riva Studio 3 Freestanding Riva Studio 3 Freestanding


This impressive fireboxemits a heat output of up to 11kW and can accept logs measuring up to 500mm (20”) – a very warming thought in light of the heavy snow forecasts this weekend! Designed for those eco conscious consumers, the Riva Studio 3 Freestanding integrates aCleanburn system which means that those lengthy, chunky logs burn with outstanding efficiency, resulting in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney.

The Airwash system helps to keep the window clean; providing you and your family with stunning widescreen views of the Riva Studio’s beautiful flames. You will be rewarded with a magnificent focal point in your very own living space!

If however, you have minimal space, installing its inset cassette equivalent, the Riva Studio 500 cassette presents the perfect solution.

Riva Studio 500 CassetteRiva Studio 500 Cassette

Both the Riva Studio Freestanding and cassettecome with various options to choose from. By contacting our showroom, we can provide you with information on the size, design and suitability of a Riva Studioin your home.


With a beautiful woodburner in place, you can then invite your friends and family for a cosy gathering of sumptuous food and perhaps celebrate with a glass of something satisfying…