Connecting rooms with a wood burning stove

Date: 21 March 2013

Homeowners looking to add a little something to their homes will be astounded by the Riva Studio Duplex woodburner. This versatile woodburner can create two distinctive looks in two different rooms from the very same fire.

Stovax Riva Studio Duplex shown with a Profil frameStovax Riva Studio Duplex shown with a Profil frame


For those looking to incorporate a stunning centrepiece to an open living space, or add a connecting feature between two rooms – the Riva Studio Duplex certainly is a captivating addition. If you are considering these renovating options, the frame selections below (taken from the wide choice available) will hopefully aid you to create the perfect style and look for your home!

“EDGE” This frame option is for rooms requiring a minimalist modern design. Not only will it create a beautiful focal point, this contemporary no-frame design, will allow your home’s interior to enhance the look of the roaring flames.

“PIENZA” Made from natural stone, this timeless frame’s subtle texture and delicate tones adds undeniable elegance to your interior.

“GLASS” With its crisp lines and reflective surface, this sleek frame offers your room a complete focal point around which you can create your very own distinctive style.

“VERVE” This 3D, curved frame will complete your room, creating a designer statement in no time!

Whatever style of frame you choose for your two rooms, you can be sure of your investment as the impressive Riva Studio 2 Duplex is highly efficient. It also benefits from Stovax’s new optional Sealed Air System that will eliminate almost any draft from within the room.

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