Contura 700 series

Date: 8 July 2012

“The new 700 series has been introduced to suit the modern home, with an attractive shape and large glass areas that show a lot of the fire”, says Phil Wood, Sales manager at Contura.

Contura has made Swedish stoves in the heart of Småland since the 1960s. Now, a new generation of stoves reaches Swedish and European homes, with modern, light and airy designs for the modern room. The new 700 series is attractive and easy to position and intended to be an obvious focal point in any room. The design is by the renowned Swedish design group, Myra.
“Today more than ever, the stove is a central part of home decor and, with the 700 series, Myra has introduced an exciting design idiom. The design, together with the high quality and the excellence of parts, make the new series of stoves worthy of entry to a new decade”, says Phil Wood.

Developed for the modern home

The new 700 series is attractive and at the same time shows the majority of the fire; the flames can be seen from the sofa as well as from the dining area. The stove has sootfree glass and its surface temperature at the back is low thanks to air-cooling, which means that it can be placed close to combustible materials.

”The stove combines a modern look with old-fashioned Swedish engineering excellence. The result is an attractive piece of furniture that produces good heat and comfort”, says Phil Wood.
The 700 series is available in several versions; the base model 750, the luxury 750A model with aluminium sides and the 780 pillar model for free-standing positioning. There are also a number of options available to personalise your stove, for example soft-closing door, self-closing door and a turntable that rotates 360 degrees steplessly. The Contura 700 series is available in grey and black and is Swan eco-labelled.

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