Date: 16 July 2012

”The new 800 series is easy to position in small spaces which opens up new possibilities for many who have not previously had room for a modern,efficient stove” says Chris Hinton, showroom manager at Dorking Stoves.

When Contura started manufacturing stoves in Markaryd in Småland in the 1960s the stoves were already a result of classic Swedish engineering design. The stoves are still the best in the class, but today they use technology that benefits the environment and modern design.

The new 800 series from Contura has taken its design from the timeless superellipse. It is small and compact with large areas of side glass so that the fire has maximum visibility, at the same time as having great efficiency in the firebox. The new 800 series is a chameleon. It is available in a range of different versions with everything from soapstone top to a slender variant with black glass on the top.

”The new 800 series reflects your personality and your home. Modern elegance or classical & robust, the choice is yours. Common to all is the neat size and the fire is experienced as much as possible thanks to the side windows”, says Chris Hinton.


Contura 800 is available painted black or grey, with or without soapstone and with several great accessories. Measurement; 36 cm depth and 46 cm width. Environmentally marked: The series is Swan marked, which means it is CO2 neutral.