Euroheat have a stove for everyone…..

Date: 16 June 2012

Whether you’re looking for a ultra contemporary stove to suit a modern living space or a classic style stove for a more traditional room, Euroheat has a model to suit.  Not to mention stoves that provide 40% greater efficiency during burning, those with side windows for a panoramic view of the flames or stoves with built in wood storage.

The Harmony 33 multi-fuel stove from Euroheat combines traditional good looks with modern technology. With a heat output of 6kW it will comfortably heat an average-sized room and will burn for 24 hours, perfect for keeping a room warm overnight when the weather’s particularly cold. Prices start from £1948.

The elliptical shape of the HWAM 3120 woodburning stove from Euroheat gives it an attractive, light expression. Form and finish throughout make it possible to install the stove in a corner, on a straight wall and even in the centre of the room, while the stove can be fitted on a rotating plinth so that the flames can be enjoyed from all angles. As with all Hwam stoves, the 3120 is fitted with an auto pilot for maximum burning efficiency. Prices start from £2336.40.

Combining elegant design with uncompromising functionality is the Hwam 3320 wood burning stove from Euroheat, not only a super efficient heating source with its own built-in auto pilot, but also a stunning piece of furniture for the contemporary setting. Framed within the beautiful conical shape is the large curved glass centre panel, ensuring the perfect view of the fire from almost any angle. Price start from £3241.20.

With windows on the sides as well as a large viewing front viewing pane, the unique Scandinavian design of the HWAM 3600 means the embers of the fire can be seen and enjoyed from almost any angle in the room, making this stove a true focal point of the open plan setting. What’s more the stove’s innovative air wash technology ensures that the view of the fire will never be interrupted as it keeps the glass effortlessly clear and soot-free. All Hwam stoves are also fitted with an auto-pilot, guaranteeing maximum efficiency which means more heat for your money. Prices for the 3600 series start from £2626.80.

The Hwam Classic 4 woodburning stove from Euroheat shouts retro, but its nostalgic appearance is combined with modern technology to create a truly multi-functional stove that will heat your home efficiently. The centre of the stove is where you will find the roaring open fire, while modules can be added to provide built-in baking facilities and wood storage. As with all Hwam stoves, the Classic 4 has a built-in auto-pilot so it produces up to 40 per cent more heat while being up to 17 per cent more efficient than a stove without an autopilot. Prices are from £2194.80.

The Rika Cult woodburning stove may be compact in size but it certainly packs a punch in terms of heat output and stylish good looks. Available in a range of colours and finishes, including a choice of ceramic or soapstone sides to help retain heat for longer, Rika Cult is ideal for smaller spaces, and also has a handy storage space for clean, dry wood. Prices start from £2378.40.

Ideal for large open plan spaces, the Rika Twist stove rotates a full 360 degrees to ensure all areas of the room are enveloped in warmth. Whether you’re preparing a meal, dining with the family or relaxing in front of the TV, the Twist can also be focused to suit your movements, so you are never left out in the cold. The Rika Twist is priced from £3416.40.

Creating a warm, welcoming ambience in any room, the Rika Tema woodburning stove from Euroheat has a generous heat output that provides just the right level of cosiness all winter long. The Rika Tema is available with a choice of either a black or soapstone finish and is priced from £1761.60.

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