Top tips on choosing a fire or stove

Date: 22 March 2012

As a woodburning, gas or electric fire or stove will add a characterful focal point; provide warmth and create a wonderful ambiance in your home, it is important that the fire or stove you choose is just right for you. With many options to consider you may feel overwhelmed but don’t worry, Stovax and Gazco are featured in ‘selfbuilder & homemaker’ magazine this month with an informative guide!

A contemporary looking fire to suit a range of decors. Fuelled by gas, this fire is very convenient and reasonable to run.

With a comprehensive overview of the different aspects to consider, our advice and tips will ensure that you purchase the right woodburning, gas or electric fire or stove for your needs and tastes.

A boiler stove gives you the option of heating the hot water system in your home – giving you excellent value for money.

To begin with you will want to browse a wide range with all the facts and figures clearly presented infront of you. Our extensive collection of woodburning stoves and fires as well as multi-fuel, gas and electric appliances can be seen presented with lots of styling tips in ourbrochures which are available in the showrooms.

But once you’ve created your shortlist you will undoubtedly want to see the stoves or fires in person to get a good idea of colour, size and the feel of the appliance. Drop into one of our showrooms where you will be able to see for yourself our wonderful range and where you will be able to ask questions and gather essential advice and guidance from professionals in the industry.

Find your perfect woodburning, multi-fuel, gas or electric fire or stove with us and enjoy the many benefits and quality in your home for years to come.