What is a Linear Fireplace and Why Should You Buy One?

Date: 5 July 2023

As we write this in the summer of 2023, it is around this time of year that people begin to consider new fireplaces for their homes ready for the forthcoming colder months.

With such variety on the market and more novel approaches to interior design becoming apparent, it can be a tough decision knowing what fireplace type will be best for the room you wish to furnish.

Modern gas fireplaces, perhaps a wood burning stove fireplace or possibly even a cost-effective electric fireplace will all likely be near the top of your list but what do you choose?

Well, over recent years, we have seen a sudden influx in the popularity of linear fireplaces. A type of electric or gas fire that seamlessly makes itself at home in your living room adding a touch of style, class and of course heat.

But what are they? Putting it simply, a linear fireplace is a more modern twist on the more typical fire you may see in many households. Quite often you will see them referred to as modern or contemporary style fireplaces.

Linear fireplaces take the shape of a thin rectangle that can be mounted to a wall in a recessed or flushed style inside an existing wall. Economical, nice to look at and the perfect accompaniment to a feature wall, this could be the new fire for you!

Why choose a linear fireplace?

Linear fireplaces are the sleek and modern feature that can help define your room. The way they sit on or in the wall allows for less clutter and less maintenance but more heat and more of a visual attraction than you may get with some other fire types.

In some instances, a linear fireplace provides its illumination and heat source to more than one room thanks to the way it sits in the wall space. So not only does your living room reap the rewards but adjoining rooms can too!

Different models offer different benefits but many further encompass their modern credentials by allowing for remote control of the heating and brightness among other things.

In some cases, they can also be integrated with soundbars and screens to give you a versatile media wall that fast becomes the focal point of the room.

In addition to the stylish appearance, linear fireplaces tick several other boxes too. Simple installation, extremely simple to keep clean and cheap to run, they can be an easy decision provided you have the space.

How much space do I need for a linear fireplace?

Linear fireplaces come in a host of sizes and can be installed at varying heights so it is important you look at just how much of your wall you would like to see dedicated to your fireplace. Sizes normally range from 3 to 6 feet, but customisable options are available. Should you be looking at custom sizing, it is suggested that you aim for it to be three or four times wider than its height.

Does a liner fireplace give off heat?

They sure do! Linear fireplaces may look more like a cosmetic addition to your room, but they also help warm it up! They are built to produce heat and do this by retaining most of the heat they create and then making it available to the room the fire is in. Compare this to some more traditional fireplace types where heat disappears up the chimney and you can see economic benefits right away. Should you just prefer it for its appearance though, you can turn the heat down or even off and just enjoy the hypnotizing flame effects it provides.

Do Linear fireplaces need to be vented?

Venting can be a huge factor in the decision-making process when buying a new fireplace. If you do not have the correct set-up to accommodate certain types of fire, you can find yourself having to spend large sums to make it possible or abandoning the project altogether.

Luckily with electric linear fireplaces, there is no such concern. They require no venting and as a result, can be installed into practically any suitably sized space.

With a gas linear fire though, you will need suitable ventilation so investigate this before committing to a gas-fueled linear fire. Direct vent versions tend to be the best for this as they expel the gases through wall-mounted vents or the roof itself without the need for a chimney.

Benefits of a linear fireplace

We have of course mentioned that linear fires are cheaper to run than many other fire types, that they are very low maintenance and are a simple fireplace installation but there are plenty more reasons to consider them.

The convenience of being able to control the heat and appearance of the flames is so simple, you likely don’t even need an instruction manual. This is something many other fires cannot offer.

The fire also won’t die out like a wood fire might. Where wood eventually burns out and sees you need fresh logs to get the fire going again, a simple change of the settings on a linear fireplace turns up the heat or reduces the warmth in seconds.

Safety around fire is important at all times and whilst there is always a degree of risk with any heat source, a linear fire greatly reduces them. With a wood fire, for example, creosote can build up and require intense chimney cleaning to eliminate the risk of a dangerous chimney fire. With a linear fireplace, no chimney needed, and no risk to be averted.

Customising the linear fire to your tastes is easy too. With fax logs, coloured glass, rock embers or stone effects, your fireplace can be a further extension of your personality and tastes. Something not always possible with more traditional fireplace types.

Design benefits of linear fireplaces

So whilst the practical benefits listed above are naturally game changers, there are a few further benefits that people may want to take advantage of.

If your home is embracing a modern, contemporary look, a linear fireplace will fit in perfectly thanks to its sleek and clean appearance.

Wall-mounted TVs are very on trend right now and as screen sizes increase, the need for large walls does too. Unfortunately, large TVs can often make the room look imbalanced, not with a linear fireplace though! Providing length much more than the TV, you can naturally restore balance to the room easily.

Installation can often be something that delays the decision on what fireplace to invest your money in. Linear fireplaces can answer that concern easily. Extremely simple installation that is not only easy but quick helps save on the labour costs other types of installation may see attached to them.

Linear fireplace maintenance

We have touched upon how linear fireplaces are easy to maintain but, we are sure you are asking, “Just how easy?” Well, the answer is, “Very!” A linear gas fire should be inspected each year for full safe functionality and cleaned periodically. Open the glass door and lightly dust the surface and any interior parts. Clean the light with compressed air and the door glass with a suitable glass cleaner. Electric linear fires also require very little maintenance, again, just once a year for an inspection and then periodic cleaning to remove any dust from the working parts. Contacting a fireplace supplier for advice on fireplace servicing is never a bad idea!

Linear fireplace installation

Both gas and electric linear fireplaces can be installed relatively simply by yourself however, for added safety and peace of mind, it would be recommended to use an expert fireplace company like Ignition Fires. This is especially important with the gas variant as gas lines may need to be moved or installed. This is a job you should not attempt to do yourself. Electric linear fires on the other hand are quite often just a plug-in-and-go job.

One other installation aspect you should consider is the mounting of it. These fireplaces can be large so you may want additional help to get it into position.

If you are now tempted to invest in a modern linear fireplace for your home, speak to the team at Ignition Fires. We are the Surrey fireplace specialists that can assist you with any query! Our more than 30 years of experience mean that we can point you in the direction of the most cost-effective way to add a beautiful fireplace to your home. Want to see up close? Come and visit us at our Cranleigh fireplace showroom or simply browse the website to find something you like, then get in touch to see how we can get your new fireplace into your home quickly.