What is The Minimum Distance I Need Between my TV and an Electric Fire?

Date: 17 April 2023

With TVs no longer being huge cubes that protrude from a TV table or stand and instead being sleek, thin, curvaceous pieces of high-end tech, more and more of us have them wall mounted.

This can often mean that they may sit on a feature wall or above a fireplace. It is this that leads to the question we get asked at Ignition Fires perhaps more than any other, “what is the minimum distance that you need between a TV and fireplace?” 

Well, in many cases the answer is simple, too low and you could perhaps cause heat damage to the TV. Too high and you may not be able to view the TV comfortably.

Realistically, it is up to you how high you place your TV, but it should be advised that there are recommendations that we suggest are followed. Commonly a distance of 8-10 inches is fine, but this could vary per the manufacturer of both your Tv and fireplace.

What is the recommended distance between my TV and an electric fireplace?

A recommended distance between your TV and electric fire is between 8-10 inches, however many experts within both the world of fires and TVs say that getting closer to 12 inches is ideal.

Ultimately it depends on how hot your fire gets and the overall shape of the fireplace. In some cases, a fireplace can be quite imposing and if a TV is placed too close to it, you could find that the electric fire becomes a distraction from the action. Likewise, too far away and you are not going to be able to see much of what is happening on screen!

If you were to have a different type of fire, the distances would be considerably more but luckily, with electric fires giving off less heat you can keep the screen at a height that means watching your favourite film doesn’t have to be a neck-craning experience.

So it is safe to put a TV above an electric fire?

You certainly can put your TV above an electric fire, and it is completely safe if it is installed properly. Ensure you can meet the distance requirements and you will have no problems enjoying your TV when it is placed above an electric fire. In many cases, you can install both the TV and fireplace yourself but it wouldn’t be foolish to ask for a fireplaces installation expert to help to ensure everything is just right. They probably won’t install your TV though!!

One thing to consider though is what changes you may need to make should you decide to replace an electric fire with a wood-burning fire for example. With the need for a chimney, more venting and of course the additional heat, a wood-burning fire is more likely to melt your TV! We don’t want that! If you were to change your fireplace, then a wall mounting may no longer be safe unless you can raise the television a little higher.

What if I wanted to put my electric fire into an entertainment centre?

Many people see this as an option, and it is certainly possible as not only do electric fires have simulated heat but they have a controlled heat that you can alter. You would just need to make sure there is sufficient venting around the electric fire. That being said, if you have a unit made from plastic or synthetics then we would advise against it as you could cause significant damage to the entertainment centre.

Should the electric fireplace be larger than the TV?

You want to create an impact, whether that is something subtle or something substantial. Having items that appear out of place can very quickly make a room look unfinished or just plain odd! Luckily with many electric fireplaces being as sleek and stylish as the TVs you mount above them; you can give yourself a host of options to play with. Our advice would be to give the TV and fireplace roughly the same length, however, there is no golden rule. In some cases, a thin and long electric fire can look stunning with a TV centrally positioned above it. Likewise, an electric fire that matches or slightly exceeds the TV’s length is not a problem. If you have a 60-inch TV, an electric fire coming in at 65 or even 70 inches would not look out of place.

Can an electric fire damage my TV?

In a word. YES. But that should only be if you fail to install the TV at sufficient height and have your fire set to its maximum setting. In general, you will not see any damage to your TV if you install it above the electric fire. Electric fires will normally distribute heat from their sides and front meaning the potential for damage to your TV is minimal.  This could vary with some models though so always ask the electric fireplace showroom for more information.

Does a TV over an electric fireplace look good?

We think it does but ultimately it comes down to you and the shape and size of your room. With some styles, we think it adds a splash of class. The Evonic Astra Electric fire, for example, looks even better with a TV mounted above it. Whereas one of the most popular electric stoves, the Gazco Huntingdon 20 may look better suited as a standalone piece with your TV being mounted on another wall.

Over the many years that we have supplied, installed, and maintained fireplaces across Surrey, we have seen an increasing number of residents choose an electric fire as their form of living room heating. Stunning to look at, easy to use and simple to maintain, it makes sense to go electric! Why not come visit us at our Ignition Fires Cranleigh showroom so you can see up close the perfect fire for your home? Our team of experts would be delighted to offer you their knowledge so you can make the best decision for you. We can also illustrate how much an electric fire costs to run as we know just how important that is these days. Contact us today and discover the perfect fireplace for your home!