Yeoman Wood burning stoves – Highly Efficient and Eco Friendly

Date: 16 July 2012

Yeoman Wood Burning Stoves – Highly Efficient & Eco Friendly

Incorporating a wood burning stove into your living space creates instant warmth and cosiness

Whether you choose a contemporary wood-burning stove or a traditional woodburning stove, there is nothing quite like the atmosphere created by the flicker of a real flame. But, in recent times, style and substance aren’t enough to fulfil the needs of the environmentally conscientious consumer.

Yeoman’s range of wood-burning stoves have been designed to give you high efficiency, whilst creating minimal impact on the environment.

Clean Burn

Yeoman Wood Burning stoves have been fitted with a tertiary air system that results in greater fuel efficiency.

Smoke Control Area Approved

Most Yeoman Wood-Burning stoves are approved for use in smoke control areas as they burn cleanly and efficiently, emitting very little smoke into the atmosphere.

Wood as a fuel is sustainable and renewable. If you use appropriate dry seasoned firewood a Yeoman wood-burning stove will burn cleanly, giving off as much carbon dioxide when burnt as it absorbed during its lifetime.

To find out more about our range of woodburning stoves, please contact our showroom in Dorking or Guildford.