Charnwood All New Island III BLU – with low leg option

The Charnwood Island III is the largest stove in the Island collection.

Its majestic proportions make it ideal for larger rooms and open plan areas. Exuding a rated 12kW of heat, this is a stove that can take an incredible log length of over half a metre. The Island III offers a spectacular view of the fire – a true wide-screen experience.

Optional convection panels are also available. This stove may burn wood logs in smoke control areas if fitted with a smoke reduction kit.

The Island stove is available in three sizes, with an option of high legs or a store stand and in a choice of eight Charnwood Colours.  Heat shield and panel pack available.

Unbeatable Warmth and Ambiance: Charnwood All New Island III BLU

When it comes to heating your home, the Charnwood All New Island III BLU is the perfect choice for larger rooms and open plan areas. With its impressive 12kW heat output, this stove is sure to keep you warm and cozy even on the coldest of days. Plus, its ability to burn wood logs in smoke control areas with the addition of a smoke reduction kit means you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a real fire no matter where you live.

The Island III stove is not only functional, but also stylish. Its majestic proportions make it a true centerpiece in any room, while the optional convection panels and choice of eight Charnwood Colors allow you to customize it to your personal style, with colours other than black an additional £129.60.  And with the ability to accommodate logs of over half a meter in length, you won’t have to constantly tend to the fire.

Whether you choose the low leg, high legs or store stand option, the Island III stove is sure to impress. And with the option of a heat shield and panel pack, you can ensure that your stove is both safe and efficient. Don’t wait any longer to experience the warmth and beauty of the Charnwood All New Island III BLU stove in your home.

Low leg version £3444.00, with high legs £3510.00 or with store stand £3708.00.00.  Heat shield £177.60 and panel packs at £136.80



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Last updated 14 May 2024

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