Gazco Sheraton Electric stove

Introducing the latest designer electric stove from Gazco, the Sheraton 5 Electric combines cutting-edge electric flame technology with enduring looks.

Gazco Sheraton 5 Electric Stove: A Blend of Technology and Aesthetics

The Sheraton 5 Electric log burner features our Chromalight® Immersive LED lighting systems for extraordinary realism. This powerful technology projects flame effects to appear among the fuel bed, which is lit from below to create the look of glowing embers. Three flame effects and 14 fuel bed lighting settings give you a host of mood-enhancing combinations to create the perfect ambience.

Classic Meets Modern in the Gazco Sheraton 5 Electric Stove Design

Bevelling and cornicing to the door, top plate and base of the Sheraton 5 Electric give this electric wood burning stove a classic but timeless appearance that suits modern and traditional settings alike. Curved cabriole legs add a stylish touch to this elegant electric stove.

Gazco Sheraton 5 Electric Stove’s Interchangeable Fuel Effects

A range of interchangeable fuel effects lets you mix and match the Sheraton 5 Electric’s fuel bed to create your own bespoke display. Choose from realistic logs, clear and grey media as well as Crystal-ice options. Each fuel bed combines with the stove’s powerful LED lighting to create a myriad of different aesthetics, and can be easily swapped whenever you fancy a change!

Effortless Control with the Gazco Sheraton 5 Electric Stove’s Thermostatic Eco Handset

This innovative electric stove is controlled with our Thermostatic Eco handset, which lets you adjust all of the Sheraton 5 Electric’s settings and modes from the comfort of the sofa. Set the thermostatically controlled ambient heat output, adjust flame and fuel bed lighting settings, and activate energy saving modes all at the touch of a button.

The Gazco Electric Stove: Simplicity and Elegance

Unlike a wood burning or gas stove, the  Sheraton 5 Electric doesn’t require installation or a chimney system, since it doesn’t produce any combustion gases. Just plug in to a three-pin plug socket to enjoy the beautiful visuals and ambient glow.



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Last updated 2 April 2024

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