Kalfire Gi115/75S

The Future of Fire

Kalfire Gi115/75S is a three-sided gas firebox. Facade dimensions: WxH 1150×750 mm. The new Gi technology provides an extraordinary fire pattern with significantly lower gas consumption. The Kalfire Gi fireplace can burn a mixture of hydrogen and gas without requiring any modifications, and can also run on natural gas or propane. The model is equipped with a patented “Prestige” burner. The burner’s three independent gas valves provide a dynamic flame performance virtually indistinguishable from a wood-burning fireplace, but with remarkable efficiency and low gas consumption. The burner is built along its entire length into ceramic logs, which themselves are installed in the hearth in the form of a pyramid. This produces tall, dancing flames that seem to come directly from the logs.


  • Width (mm) 1306
  • Depth (mm) 520
  • Height (mm) 1340 – 1702

Glass size

  • Width (mm) 1150
  • Width side glass (mm) 364
  • Height (mm) 750
Prices from £8190.00
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Last updated 20 September 2023

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