Lotus Allure Heating System


The new Lotus Allure is pioneering design at its best. With its unique angled front glass, you get an exceptionally beautiful view of the flames. Lotus Allure looks like an elegant obelisk in steel and is built from the best and most solid materials.

A spacious combustion chamber with a cast iron bottom provides space for an extra large fire, and with Lotus Clean Burn Technology you are guaranteed optimal utilisation of the wood. The combustion chamber is lined with Vermiculite, which can withstand very high temperatures, thus ensuring an extremely clean combustion. The Allure stove is of course A+ labelled.

The strong door with cast iron inner frame opens and closes easily by means of the magnetic closing mechanism, ensuring complete tightness of the door. Combustion is easily controlled by a single handle, making daily use easy and convenient.

Apart from the stylish design, you get a practical and user-friendly wood-burning stove with an ergonomically correct operating height, as well as an integrated wood compartment where accessories can also be stored. If you would like to enjoy the fire from even more angles, you can choose a turning plate as an additional accessory.


480 mm              1345 mm 
1199 mm             450 mm
6,5 kW                 12 Pa
30-135 m²           3-9 kW
1,8 kg                  28
31,5 cm              82 %
  190 kg
Prices from £2999.00
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Last updated 2 August 2023

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