Lotus H570 W Air with Fan/Ventilator

Spreading Warmth and Relaxation to Several Rooms

The wood burner insert by Lotus, model name Air, with integral fan aspirates cold air through the grill underneath the door and the heated air is expelled at the top of the door or transferred to other rooms of the house. The fan features stepless control and is able to move up to 300 m3 of air per hour. This ensures optimal heating throughout the house.

Technical Data

  • Smoke outlet: Top
  • Weight: 171kg
  • Power: 4-11 kW
  • Nominal Power: 7 kW
  • Wood length: 50cm +
  • Pipe dimension: Ø150mm
  • Efficiency: 80.5%
  • Possibility of fresh air: Yes


  • Height: 789mm
  • Width: 1088mm
  • Depth: 440mm


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Last updated 9 April 2024

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