Lotus Maestro 152

Slightly Smaller. Same Unique Properties

Lotus Maestro 125 is a great choice if you want all the benefits of the Maestro range, only in a more compact version.The construction of the wood burning stove and the solid stone mass allow a lot of heat to be stored, which can then be evenly released over several hours. This means that with a few lightnings, you will find that a pleasant warmth and comfort is delivered to the room even hours after the fire has gone out.

It is a stylish and elegant stove with a large glass door and an automatic closing system featuring two magnets that pull the door into position when it is closed.The stove is available in 3 variants: Soapstone, Indian Night and Limestone, and also with Magic glass door.

Product Data

  • Heat output – 6kW
  • Heat output range – 4-10kW (room heating output 30 -120 m²)
  • Efficiency – 83.5%
  • Heat output per hour – 2.4kW
  • Efficiency – 81%
  • Wood requirement – 8.6kg / 22 hours.
  • Width of the combustion chamber door – 38cm


  • Height – 1533mm
  • Width – 560mm
  • Depth – 560mm
Prices from £3999.00
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Last updated 1 September 2023

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