Woodwarm Stoves

Woodwarm Stoves have been continually perfecting the art of handcrafting exquisite stoves since 1974 and we are delighted to be one of the approved dealers that are able to stock them.

Built with durability, style and the environment in mind, some Woodwarm Stoves are still operating perfectly 45 years after being purchased! That is a huge testament to the company and those that have helped build up its reputation. Each stove in the range is available as a wood-burning stove meaning less reliance on the gas and electricity to heat your home!

Perfect for a variety of room types, and house styles a Woodwarm Stove passes and in many cases surpasses the required certification for use in smoke-controlled areas. Available in a host of pleasing finishes and extremely economical, the Woodwarm Stoves collection is one that we expect to see becoming even more popular in 2023.

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