Why a Media Wall with Fireplace is The New Must-Have in The Home?

Date: 16 August 2023

Feature walls adorn almost every home it seems these days. A trend that has been around for several years, it has recently taken on a new form of evolution. The media wall with fireplace.

It’s aim? Simple. To form a centrepiece of your room where everything you may need (sort of!) is kept in one space. A space that soon becomes the main focus for everyone that enters the room.

If you were to strip it back for a second though, the basics of a media wall are even simpler. It is a wall to mount your TV. That is pretty much it! However, with new tech devices, sound systems and of course, the smart fireplaces, everything can now sit within one installation. With no trailing wires, stacked with storage space, and utilising your efficiency at home, a media wall with a fireplace transforms your room and the way you use it.

The way that we watch TV, play video games, and even style the furnishings of our rooms have now been altered by the way media walls with fireplaces have been incorporated.

But why are they worthwhile and what should you consider when looking to install one?

Benefits of a media wall fireplace

There are several reasons why a media wall with a fireplace can be beneficial to your home, both practically and aesthetically. We looked at the benefit of having one in your home.

1.     Fully integrating all your tech

The sudden rise in media walls with fireplaces can perhaps be attributed to the fact that we have changed the way we do many things.  Where in the past we may have had a TV, a video recorder, a DVD player, a games console and maybe a stereo, the way we consume our tech has meant that many of these options have become more streamlined. A gaming console, a TV and a soundbar would more or less cover all those options today and whilst the amount of clutter is reduced with fewer items, the trailing cables from power point to device still remain. Now with a centralised spot such as a media wall, all your devices can be kept in one place, still connected, without the dangling wires or multiple plugs on show. This seamless integration makes for a neater finish to an area that was once overfilled.

With the TV mounted high, and screen sizes much bigger than before, media walls allow for a much more immersive experience as you engage in video games or cosy up with a film. With soundbars also located on the wall too, the full impact of the experience resonates better than ever before. Add in your smart devices and your media wall can become a hub of activity as you chill out on the sofa controlling your TV, your fire, your lighting and more.

2.     Space saving

Media walls are an amazing addition to a living room as they help utilise the space you have to the maximum. With storage options resulting in the opportunity to make better use of the room you have, toys, books, games and more can all be hidden away in the units that help comprise the media wall. Providing practicality, style and – thanks to the fireplace – an ambience, your media wall gives you more to work with even in small rooms.

3.     A refreshed look

The addition of a media wall with a fireplace goes someway to making for a stunning living room. The effect it creates not only boosts the whole aesthetic of the room but can help speak volumes about you too. With the ability to have them designed to your exact specifications, you can mix up colours, materials and styles to create something purely in your vision. With shelving, storage and display units all possible as part of a media wall, you can set out a plan but change it as you work through the design process. And with media walls in such high demand right now, there is every chance that the addition of one will help drive up the interest when it comes to selling your home too! For a buyer, finding a home that has already embraced the integration of smart tech and stayed ahead of the curve with trends, can be a key attribute in deciding whether an offer should be made.

Below, we answer some of the most typical questions asked about media walls with a fireplace, check these out and then you can make an informed decision if the project is possible at your home, if it is, you can then benefit from the advantages we listed above!

What size TV and electric fire should I have for a media wall?

The two premium focal points of any media wall are likely to be the TV and the fireplace. As a result, the sizes you opt for will be important. Before you race ahead though to purchase the largest TV you can find for your wall, you will want to factor in the wall itself. If your media wall is going to contain shelving, cupboards or other forms of storage, there is every chance that the wall space you can utilise for the TV or fire is a little reduced.

With media walls, TVs often sit two ways, either hanging on the wall or fitted into a recess. Whilst this doesn’t sound like anything too drastic, it can change the look your TV has in relation to the fire below it.  TV screens tend to be measured diagonally but with a media wall, also ensure you factor in the height and width. That way you can make sure that there is a better alignment with the fireplace.

As a guide, to create the perfect alignment, with an inset fire for a media wall, use the following:

TV SizeFireplace Width

Do you need a chimney for a media wall with a fireplace?

No. Fires used in media walls tend to be electric so they can just slot into a recess within the wall or be mounted to it if required. A recessed electric fireplace looks much better than a hanging one so see if this can be factored into your design. Should you like the idea of a replica chimney breast though, you can include this in your design process, media walls are bespoke to you, so it can be as modern or as classic as you like!

Is an electric fire safe in a media wall?

Electric fires give out significantly less heat output than a wood burning fire and as a result, should pose no real issue to your TV or any other tech around it. For the best results in terms of viewing the TV and benefitting from the fire, we investigated the minimum distance needed between a TV and electric fireplace. Using that guide, you can find the perfect solution for how you should position them.

Is it easy to install an electric fire into a media wall?

If your entertainment wall doesn’t already have a fire in place, it would really complement the look to have one installed. Luckily it is an easy enough job, especially if you have already got a recess to fit it in. However, should there be a concern over how easy it is, or you just have any concerns over fireplace installation, speak to our team, we are experts in all types of installs so would be delighted to help.

Where should all the tech go on a media wall?

Your TV will be central, as will your fireplace unless it runs along the full wall. A soundbar should then sit above the TV. These are also in varying sizes so look at one that matches the size of your TV. Should you have a console or a TV box, factor these into the storage that either sits to the side or below the TV. Once you have an idea of where the tech will go, you can factor in where the power points should be and how many you may need.

How much does a media wall cost?

The cost of a media wall is obviously a paramount concern, you don’t want to overspend and underdeliver!

Consider the cost of the TV and any other tech you may need. Ask yourself if you even need any!

Do more power points need to be added to the area to accommodate the items you are incorporating into the media wall?

What materials are you going to need? Some cost vastly more than others but you need to factor in durability, versatility and style too.

You can expect to pay anything from £1,500 to well over £4,000 depending on what features you may want to add.

You should also factor in that if you are doing this yourself, it will cost less than if you hire someone. Although, should you attempt to do it yourself, and do it wrong, you could be spending more by having to buy additional materials to fix any mistakes.

At Ignition Fires, we have a stunning array of inset fireplaces that would suit any media wall, this Gazco eReflex 135R for example, sits embedded into the wall to help create a beautiful feature on your wall, picture it with a TV and soundbar above it…..

Or consider the Evonic Astra that allows for a view around the side of the fire as well as the front for a truly modern look. We have a host of others too, so why not browse the collection online or visit our Surrey fireplace showroom to get a closer look? Should you have any questions, get in touch, our team are on hand 7 days a week!