How to Safely Clean Your Electric Fire

Date: 10 May 2023

Many of us have moved to electric fires from wood or gas for variable reasons, some for the ease of use, others due to the electric fire running costs and many due to the low maintenance they require.

Compared to most other types, an electric stove fireplace or standard electric fire takes little to no time to keep clean and look as good as new.

With our simple guide, you’ll be able to keep on top of your electric fireplace cleaning with ease.

Do you need to clean an electric fireplace?

You may think this an odd question, after all, most, if not all your furniture needs a regular clean-up to make sure it looks as good as the rest of your home. It isn’t just about standards and presentation though. Keeping your electric wall fire, inset electric fire or stand-alone electric fire clean is helpful in ensuring it operates safely and properly.

Where other fireplaces produce smoke, ash, creosote and more, an electric fire does not and as a result, saves you a lot more time to enjoy the fire rather than clean it.

However, dust buildup can hinder performance and fingerprints or marks can make the body of the fireplace look dirty and unpresentable.

How to clean an electric fire

The process to clean an electric fire is a simple one and can be done relatively quickly.

Turn off your electric fire

As with any electrical appliance, turning off the power first is an essential first step. Switch it off and then unplug it from the mains before going any further. If it has been on, allow it to cool down before you start cleaning.

Cleaning an electric fireplace exterior

The outside is your best place to start after you have fully shut down your electric fireplace. There are likely three areas you need to clean. The ember bed, the heat outlets and inlets and the glass.

The ember bed is your fake wood or coal that helps create the realism of your electric fire. It is largely for display purposes but keeping it clean will help enhance the glow and effect of your fake flames. Use a warm damp cloth to remove any dust or debris and if there are any stubborn areas, apply a vacuum cleaner to reach the harder-to-clean areas before you apply the cloth.

The next part of the electric fire exterior are the inlets and/or outlets. These parts require cleaning to ensure the safe running of your fire. These parts sit on the heating element so if they were to get too dirty or covered in any way, they could overheat and pose a safety risk to your home. Just like with the ember bed, apply a warm damp cloth to remove the dirt.

Many electric fireplaces come with a glass screen, and these are prone to fingerprints and dust. You will be able to access both the interior and exterior of the glass. Use your cloth to clear away any markings.

Cleaning the interior of an electric fireplace

Many electrical products operating manuals will advise you against trying to get to the hidden parts inside. This is for your own safety and should only be done when you are confident in your ability. In most cases, you will not need to gain access to the interior of your electric fireplace but should you notice the product underperforming or see lots of dust built up on the components you may want to get inside.

As with the earlier instruction. Ensure there is no power going into the electric fire. This is especially important when attempting to clean anything on the inside.

Electric fires that use a fan heater will have a blower that may get dirty. You can use a dry cloth to clean or a vacuum cleaner. Just be careful as the blower can be delicate.

You will then want to clean the flame effect parts; these could consist of various parts but will likely include a halogen bulb or LED strip and mirrors fixed to rods. Use your dry cloth to gently clean down.

Carefully reattach any parts you have removed, and your electric fireplace will be ready to use again.

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