Stuv fireplaces are stunning items of beauty that are both modern and classic in appearance. Available in both wood-burning and gas variations, the Stuv fireplaces suit a variety of home styles.

Optimising efficiency, gorgeous to look at, and giving you plenty of warmth, Stuv fireplaces and wood burners add an element of the future to the room you want to warm whilst also paying homage to typically classic aesthetics too.

The brainchild of Gerard Pitance who worked alongside his friend Benoit, Stuv came about from a need for Gerard to heat his own house. With nothing matching his needs on the market, he made his own. Friends, family, and neighbours were impressed. Word spread, and the first Stuv was created. Gerard took it to market and from then, has never looked back.

From that first idea, bigger dreams were fulfilled and now Stuv manufactures some of the most stunning and revolutionary fires on the market. Regular award winners, and acquiring new businesses all the time, Stuv look like it will keep bringing customers exciting products for years to come.

We love the collection that Stuv has carefully put together. Mixing the classic with the contemporary, they showcase intricate design, performance perfection and excellent efficiency. Stuv are manufacturers of premium wood burners. It is what they excel at, a quick browse of our stock is a testament to that.

We are delighted to be able to include the Stuv range in our fireplace showrooms.

Stuv stoves: Innovation, design and quality

Stuv remains close to their Belgian roots, in fact, they never left them! Even the company name comes from the Walloon dialect. It translates as “wood-burning stove.”

Each Stuv product is designed and assembled in the country by an expert team ready for it to be shipped across the globe.

Before it gets to this stage though, every Stuv wood burner is thoughtfully and carefully designed by an experienced and knowledgeable collective of specialists. With an in-house design team, each one of the Stuv fires you see either on our website or in our showroom has been meticulously put together. From the drawing board to the building, every aspect of the process takes onboard the end users’ needs.

Stuv fireplaces aren’t just the brainchild of innovative designers. Stuv ensures research and development dives deeper than just with the team in Belgium. Incorporating the skills of research centres and universities, Stuv breaks new ground by leading the way in both domestic and international projects that have led to multiple patent applications.

Stuv wood burning stoves

The Stuv wood burning stove collection provides your home or workplace with a lovely warm, efficient, and environmentally friendly heat source. With a variable mix of styles and sizes, you can accommodate a Stuv wood burning stove into any type of house without it looking out of place.

The Stuv 6-H is a favourite Stuv log burner of ours and is ideal for small homes or areas with more limited space. Of course, the collection is much larger than just this popular small stove and our range is always expanding. If you are looking for a Stuve wood burner, contact our team to find out more about our newest additions.

Stuv wood burning fireplace inserts

A popular kind of stove developed by Stuv is their fireplace insert. This provides homeowners with a smooth, integrated heating system that warms the room with effortless style. With a variety of sizes and the ability for the Stuv fireplace to be customised to your needs, you get more than just a fireplace. You get style, refinement, and character.

With single-face or double-face models available, and the ability to use the fire as fully open or closed behind the window. You can benefit from the glow and the warmth of the fire in whichever way you prefer.

What we like in particular about these Stuv inserts is that not only do you reap the reward of premium design and excellent efficiency, but you also have the opportunity to make it your own. A frame, a front panel or a ready-to-fit fireplace make the finish of the stove effortlessly fit in with your room aesthetic and really help add to the character of the room. The Stuv 21/85 is a perfect combination of modern and classic and is among the most popular in our ever-expanding collection.


If any of our Stuv stoves have piqued your interest, let us know. We will be delighted to help you source the ideal Stuv wood burner for your home. What’s more, we can organise both the fireplace delivery and installation, ensuring that the new addition to your home arrives safely and is installed correctly. Should you need further help, we can also organise fireplace servicing for you to ensure your Stuv log burner is in its best possible condition at all times.

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