Stuv fireplaces are stunning items of beauty that are both modern and classic in appearance. Available in both wood-burning and gas variations, the Stuv fireplaces suit a variety of home styles.

Optimising efficiency, gorgeous to look at, and giving you plenty of warmth, Stuv fireplaces and wood burners add an element of the future to the room you want to warm whilst also paying homage to typically classic aesthetics too.

The brainchild of Gerard Pitance who worked alongside his friend Benoit, Stuv came about from a need for Gerard to heat his own house. With nothing matching his needs on the market, he made his own. Friends, family, and neighbours were impressed. Word spread, and the first Stuv was created. Gerard took it to market and from then, has never looked back.

From that first idea, bigger dreams were fulfilled and now Stuv manufactures some of the most stunning and revolutionary fires on the market. Regular award winners, and acquiring new businesses all the time, Stuv look like it will keep bringing customers exciting products for years to come. Check them out below.

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